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Jul 5, 2009 10:23 PM

English Speaking Chef

hello, I'm doing some research in Japanese Food and I have problem looking for a highly rated English speaking chef (preferably in Tokyo)

A search here turned up Sukiyabashi Jiro @ Roppong but a phone call to the restaurant didn't yield a good result. Nevertheless I hope to find more than 1 chef.

Was wondering if any of you wonderful folks who could point me to the right direction or provide any clues or anything that could help me in my search.

Many many thanks!!!!!

The Farmer

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  1. Jeff Ramsey at Tapas Molecular Bar.

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    1. re: Tinitime

      thanks Tinitime. I'm actually looking for a Japanese native specializing in Japanese cuisine of course

      1. re: thefarmer

        Jeff Ramsey is a Japanese native by the way; he was born in Okinawa.

    2. Kamimura yuichi is a Japanese chef in Niseko, Hokkaido, food is just like Tetusya's in Sydney (NSW) as he spent 5 years there. Food for me is French using Japanese ingredients - ponzu, soya base etc. Incredible combinations
      He speaks English. His rest is called Kamimura. have a search on the net.
      During the winter he does a set menu 13000 yen pp. He is worth talking too.

      1. Do you speak French? If so, might I suggest Kanda. I went last year and enjoyed a wonderful and conversation with the chew-owner who trained five years in France.

        1. Even if the chef speaks English you may have trouble with whoever answers the restaurant phone...if you do decide to talk to Westerners too, try Trevor at the White Fox

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          1. re: MissLambkins

            mi66 , BaronDestructo, MissLambkins - thank you all for the suggestions! Much appreciated!

            Kanda sounds like a possibility but we are trying to avoid sushi. Other than that, the chef needs to be a Japanese native specializing in Japanese foods!

            Someone said its certainly a tall order to find such a person!

            1. re: thefarmer

              I'm sure the chef at Kanda could accomodate. It was a while ago, but I don't recall having sushi. What I do remember, however, are the hairy crab meatball, crispy shirako, and a saltwater-soaked monkfish liver that possessed the texture and subtlety of foie gras.

              Whichever you decide on, do report back. I'll be heading to Tokyo again in early December and would love some recommendations.

              1. re: BaronDestructo

                i wasnt all that impressed with Kanda. It was perfectly good, but for the price (23k pp for food I think), it should have been better in my opinion. Having said that I do not know a lot about Kaiseki.