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Jul 5, 2009 07:56 PM

Food Recommendations: staying at 35 and 183

Staying in town all week and I am looking for some food recommendations. I am staying at 35 and 183 and working in this area also looking for some recommendations. Good cooking, not too pricey ($10-$25)etc.

Not wanting chains, all food types. BBQ, Tex Mex, Seafood, Sports Bar, etc..


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  1. Love the name... being from Dallas (15 years ago) and Daddy was an OU grad... Hubs is a UT grad...

    Where you are staying, you will find a couple of Pappa's restaurants (thought they would be OK to mention since they are a Texas chain), Sushi Japon, which has been fine the half a dozen times I've been, and Bikinis - Hooterish. If you take 183 North and exit Lamar heading south about a block and a half, you'll find Fuegos. It doesn't look like much... maybe even less than that... but in my experience it's been so very good. They serve delightful seafood enchiladas, fish tacos, crazy big and juicy burgers, ahi tuna salad and sandwich with Mexican beers, a few domestics and (I think) wine and margaritas. It's California Mexican which is a bit different but delicious.

    Not knowing a lot about Asian cuisine, I believe you will find some highly recommended spots nearby. I'm sure someone can go into more detail.

    Enjoy your stay.

    1. from earlier.

      aqueria los jalisciences off of 290 and 35 is a great jalisco diner . then theres the strip of cameron from 35 to 183, which has places like hill-berts, kens, amayas, frans, and i also frequent 51st/airport, as there is a veritable treasure trove there - burgertex, stallion grill, quality seafood, house pizzeria, the yellow taco cart, the late and great el rincon michoacan, plus little deli is five minutes away on 2222 (tho i recently tried their new pizza and wasnt super impressed). the highland mall area close to there has great food as well, such as arpeggio, texas pasta pizza and more, titayas, the korea market, and the gaggle of asian restaurants off of middle fiskville (taj palace, shanghai, shilla, etc) then there's the southeast/airport area - springhill catfish, el centenarios colorful taco cart, lolas, galloways, sams, lewiss bbq, the defunct stand of reggie, and god knows what untold secrets. last but not least, if you take 183 north from here, you will hit the austin mecca known as 'north lamar.' places like tams, fuegos, thanh nhi, first bbq.... i mean seriously, i could go on forever. im pretty sure thats about it as far as my hood goes.

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        i hit up chow cafe off of 35 and 290 today. formerly ciao chow catering, they have finally opened up a restaurant section as well. while theyre only open from 12-2 m-f, i managed to stop by and have the monday special, the pot roast with a side of green chile macaroni and cheese. while the mac was not the best ive had (which surprisingly comes from the springhill catfish franchise), the pot roast was pretty addictive. still got some in the fridge for later tonight!

        also, as a side note, went to la pulga yesterday looking for vinyl. while there was none, there were sweet sweet tacos and pupusas. while i did not try the pupusas, my friend did and said they were good. i myself had two carnitas tacos from some stand, i cant remember which. they were pretty good, though i did add salsa and diced peppers/pico they had at the self serve station. if i were on riverside, id be hitting this place up every week. well, not during summer. they didnt have any fans out so it was sweaty!

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          I second Shanghai on Middle Fiskville Road. If you are here over the weekend they are a great place for Dim Sum.

        2. I second Fuegos - outstanding fish tacos and ahi tuna. Very friendly, family-run. Don't let the exterior deter you.

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            I went to Fuegos tonight. Its very difficult to get into the parking lot. And to my dismay they were "closed for an hour". This was at 4:30pm on a Monday. What gives? Open sign was on, lights were on...only two women inside. One on the phone and the other telling me to come back.

            Oh, maybe I will try again the next time I am in town.

            Fuegos Authentic Cuisine
            7600 N Lamar Blvd Ste F, Austin, TX 78752

          2. I've eaten at Chow Cafe a couple of times, and it's always been good. They say they have the best pulled pork sandwich in town, and I have to admit, it's pretty darn good! Their lunch specials are homemade, and a great deal. Here's a link to their website: They're open from 11-2, Mon-Fri.

            1. I guess it's technically a chain, (locations in Houston and Austin), but I'm going to throw in a suggestion for Captain Benny's oyster bar on 35 just south of 290. Missus and I went with fairly low expectations and were surprised to find very fresh fish and oysters, very capable fry-cooks, and even a downright decent roux in the gumbo. I'm hoping it wasn't a fluke - we're wanting to go back soon.