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Where can i buy the best raw head-on jumbo prawns in nyc?

I am looking for a great, consistent source for jumbo whole (head-on) prawns to grill whole. Thanks.

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  1. YOu can frozen oues almost anywhere. FInding live or never frozen is a challenge. If you like sucking out the heads, frozen are always dry. You have to have never frozen. I would love to have a source too.

    1. Chelsea Market's Lobster Place sells heads-on shrimp that are fresh...they may not be the size you're looking for. And I have found live shrimp at a Chinese wholesale fish purveyor that specializes in lobster (who also sells to walk-ins) that is located on Centre Street, between Canal and Broome on the east side of the street ..it's been a while, but that place has been there for many years...

      1. Outdoor fish market on Hester near Bowery

        1. I just walked past a huge bucket of jumbo head-on prawns in a market on Walker Street at Baxter, where Walker runs into Canal Street. Can't say for sure if they were never-frozen. I kind of doubt it, but that store does sell live fish . . . . I know this isn't very helpful, but I think Chinatown is your best bet. Either Mulberry Street or Mott Street.

          1. Assi Plaza
            13101 39th Ave
            Flushing, NY 11354-4420
            (718) 886-8101

            I feel like this place is my new answer to everything

            1. If you go to the wet market in the base of the Manhattan Bridge you can buy the prawns live. Doesn't get much fresher than that.

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                I went looking for the "wet market" and could not find it. Where exactly is it and when is it open?

                I walked every street in Chinatown on Sunday and found live shrimp in two places.

                THe first is a restuarant, Fulleen on Division. Which I understand is open until 2am and is a Chef's afterwork favorite.

                I found live shrimp, two sizes for sale at Tai Jiang Fish market on Grand between Forsyth and Dridge.

                It is amazing what you can find down there. Live shrimp is the hardest. Want frogs or several different types of turlte, no problem.

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                  There is a fruit stand underneath the bridge next to a children's playground and across the street from a Presbyterian church. If you go through the fruit stand you will pass through two sets of doors built into the stone base of the bridge, the latter of which should lead into the wet market. Unfortunately I can't give an exact address, but if you go into the doors built into the base of the bridge you will find one side houses a mall, the other houses the market.

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                    I will look next time. I saw the fruit stands.

              2. I went for some noodles in the Brooklyn Chinatown off 8th Ave last weekend and checked out some of the markets out there. It was amazing. The food and the entire scene just seemed cleaner and better out there. I'm sure it was because there weren't thousands of people pushing through the sidewalks and the stench was not nearly as bad. The fish mongers probably get their fish from the same suppliers but everything out there seemed fresh and good. There was a large selection of LIVE seafood including large prawns and some other fish that I couldn't even identify. Check it out. 8th ave around 58th st in Brooklyn.

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                    You should definitely check it out. There were dozens of styrofoam containers of live seafood. I just couldn't tell what they were. They even had live fish swimming in some of the containers. Wild.