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Jul 5, 2009 07:36 PM

Where can i buy the best raw head-on jumbo prawns in nyc?

I am looking for a great, consistent source for jumbo whole (head-on) prawns to grill whole. Thanks.

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  1. YOu can frozen oues almost anywhere. FInding live or never frozen is a challenge. If you like sucking out the heads, frozen are always dry. You have to have never frozen. I would love to have a source too.

    1. Chelsea Market's Lobster Place sells heads-on shrimp that are fresh...they may not be the size you're looking for. And I have found live shrimp at a Chinese wholesale fish purveyor that specializes in lobster (who also sells to walk-ins) that is located on Centre Street, between Canal and Broome on the east side of the street's been a while, but that place has been there for many years...

      1. Outdoor fish market on Hester near Bowery

        1. I just walked past a huge bucket of jumbo head-on prawns in a market on Walker Street at Baxter, where Walker runs into Canal Street. Can't say for sure if they were never-frozen. I kind of doubt it, but that store does sell live fish . . . . I know this isn't very helpful, but I think Chinatown is your best bet. Either Mulberry Street or Mott Street.

          1. Assi Plaza
            13101 39th Ave
            Flushing, NY 11354-4420
            (718) 886-8101

            I feel like this place is my new answer to everything