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Jul 5, 2009 07:22 PM

Looking for restaurant to spend 30th wedding anniversary

Want to buy gift certificate for my sister wedding anniversary. Don't know many restaurants in Rhode Island, Providence area. Any ideas? Want something really nice and special.

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  1. Italian - Baccaro's (Providence); D.Carlo's (Northern Rhode Island/Smithfield)
    Seafood - Hemenway's (Providence).
    French - Rue de l'espoir (Providence).
    Mixed (seafood, beef, chicken) - Waterman Grille (Providence).

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    1. re: OOliver

      Man, I disagree with every suggestion here (most especially Rue- it's just terrible).

      None of these are really 30th anniversary caliber. Bacaro is the best on the list, but it's certainly not where I'd head for a celecration of this magnitude.

      I'd follow Bluebird's suggestions. All of her rec's have far better food and much better Big Night Out ambiance.

    2. Gracie's
      Chez Pascal
      New Rivers
      La Laiterie

      1. thanks so much!!!!!!!!!