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Jul 5, 2009 06:26 PM

Boothbay Harbor, Northeast Harbor recs?

My wife and I will be staying two nights near Boothbay and three in Northeast Harbor. I searched the board, but can't find current recommendations (or places to avoid). Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Northeast Harbor: I'd kill for the flatbread with tallegio cheese/black trumpet mushrooms/parsely/truffle oil served at Redbird Provisions. I've only been for lunch, but everything I've had has been excellent. Also like Bassa, tucked behind Shaw's Jewelry, for excellent Mediterranean-inspired tapas. Fat Belli Deli makes great sandwiches.

    Boothbay Harbor: Cafe at the Coastal Botanical Gardens is very good. Bets for fried fish. Traditionally, Barters Island General Store has had the best lobster roll. Ports of Italy for Italian fare (chef owned restaurant). Thistle Inn, always reliable.

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      Thank you, Mainegal. I've looked at your posts in other threads and I was hoping you would respond to this one.

    2. They just had a throwdown on food network with the lobster dock in boothbay. Never been, but i guess their crabcakes are good?

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        Thanks for those suggestions. Being from Baltimore, we probably won't be tempted to have crabcakes. :)

      2. NE Hbr is not a major culinary destination. Two restaurants burned last year. Just one word of advise, stay away from The Mainsail Restaurant; a real tourist trap w/ mediocre fare at best.

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          Thanks for the warning. We weren't expecting it to be a dining destination, but are looking for recommendations that are accessible for an evening. We're just staying there for three nights, but are happy to drive for dinner.

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            You are in a great central chow location in NEH. It is nearly equidistant to BH, SWH, Ellsworth and Hancock; all w/ examples of great chow. Happy hunting.

        2. The dining room at the Asticou Inn in Northeast Harbor is terrific, and you can check ou the menu on their website.
          We've always enjoyed Andrew's Harborside in Boothbay, and the Downeast Ice Cream Factory is a must ! Not to mention Bett's Fish Fry!