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Jul 5, 2009 06:08 PM

Moving to NYC: where can I get..

I'm moving to SoHo in August from Montreal. Of course coming from Montreal I'm huge on trying different types of good food and I'm looking forward to some adventures in NYC. But I need to know where I can find items from my staple diet.

Vietnamese subs (Banh Mi)

Korean BBQ (Where they bring you raw meat and you grill it on the table yourself)

Pizza by the slice (Cheap and great)

Tacos (Simple beef, lettuce, and cheese)

Vietnamese grilled beef and vermicelli

Good cheap burger joint

Something similar to chick-fil-a?

Grilled portuguese chicken (usually breast, salad, and fries for around $7)

Thanks in advance!

And if you have any other suggestions please feel free.

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  1. I've not been to Montreal, so I can't make any comparisons, but you aren't *too* far away from Saigon Bakery in Chinatown for the Bahn Mi. Here's a link to a list of food "places" that I like downtown that may help you generally.

    (The address for Saigon Bakery is on that list.)

    1. Pizza by the slice - my personal favorite is Joe's on Carmine Street, but there are a lot of opions on this topic here, do a search.

      Good cheap burger joint - Corner Bistro

      Grilled portuguese chicken -tClosest thing I can think of is the Domincan Roast Chicken uptown. There's a decent place on Amsterdam at around 97th Street.

      Tacos - there's are numerous cheap taco places called various names all run by chinese people.

      1. welcome to NY...

        i love Montreal...the bad news is that NYC has a current shortage of good French bistros, but the good news is that all the items you requested are available in one form or another...but i'd recommend searching the board for each of those items individually...given that you'll be in Soho, you'll find most of them either walking distance away or short subway ride...even a search for Korean BBQ will yield more suggestions than you can read in one evening...

        As mentioned above, start your Banh Mi eating at Saigon in the little jewelry store place, then i'd rec trying Nicky's...

        1. You are right by the best of the banh mi in Manhattan, in order of preference: Saigon Bakery, Banh Mi Saigon, Paris Bakery.

          Korean BBQ: There are a few yakiniku restaurants downtown, my favorites being Yakiniku West and Gyu-Kaku. For a more authentic Korean experience, K-Town abounds with options. I've been happy at Won Jo and Kang Suh but hear plaudits for Mandangsui. Bann in Midtown West also has good barbecue.

          Tacos: The bistec taco at La Esquina is terrific. Others also swear by Pinche.

          Cheap burger: Cheap is relative in NYC. One of my favorite burger spots is Five Guys, but I don't consider $11 for a fast food burger cheap, just delicious.

          1. haf anybody posting on ch from anywhere is generally huge on trying different types of food!

            for pizza JOES in the village is an eternal favorite for pizza by the slice. however, you might give GRANDAISY a try too. it's lost a few steps, but the tomato and the potato are good.

            for your grilled chicken you might try IPANEMA but you are going to pay double that or more. we have ALFAMA in the west village but its even more expensive. for cheaper you might want to explore the ironbound in newark, nj, a historically portugese neighborhood that is well worth the short path train ride.

            for burgers my last couple have been at THE FRYING PAN. not the best, but they are grilled and you cant beat the atmosphere this time of year (its a barge on the hudson). the CORNER BISTRO somebody mentioned indeed has a mighty burger called the bistro burger you should try, but fyi they also have a chicken sandwich i like too.

            oh and welcome to town!