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Jul 5, 2009 05:28 PM

what to do with lots of eggs

I ended up with lots of eggs because a neighbour was going away for the summer and didn't want to have them in her fridge.

I don't eat egg dishes but do a lot of baking. Can anyone suggest how I could use these up? I was thinking of making lemon curd and using it as a pie filling. Would you have any other ideas?

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  1. meringue cookies or pavlova with the whites, and ice cream or some sort of pudding or custard (maybe zabaglione or creme anglaise) with the yolks. or mousse with the whole eggs. you can also use them in a custard base for bread pudding, or for crepes.

    1. Meringue! Boccone Dulce!
      (You can tell I'm a big dessert lover. I don't like most egg dishes, either).

      1. A sugar cake (a.k.a. sponge cake) is great for this time of year, since it goes well with fresh berries or stone fruit, and maybe a drizzle of cream-- or, in some circles, whipped cream(?) My family recipe uses 9 eggs, but I've seen recipes that go up to 12 eggs.

        1. You don't mention how many eggs you actually have, but the last time I had the privilege of receiving a large quantity of eggs (about four or five dozen) I made a bread/banana custard pudding for 165 local veterans.

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            I love all of the ideas presented. I have four dozen eggs todao. And btw, I love your altruism. I'll check with a seniors' program in the neighbourhood and see if they would appreciate some nice desserts or pies.

            Today, I made lemon curd tarts. Brother's birthday tomorrow and will try making a lemon curd cake for him. Have never baked a cake before so this should be interesting.

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              If you really really do a lot of baking - you can freeze eggs. Not forever, and not in their shells - separate them, freeze yolks and whites separately and don't keep 'em till Christmas. On occasion, I've put like two yolks/two whites into tiny freezer bags, and then put the tiny bags into a larger sealed bag. You can take 'em out as you need 'em - the only caveat I'd add is that I'm not sure you could do a meringue with frozen whites, but then again...I've not attempted to.

              1. re: Alice Letseat

                My mother used to freeze eggs - each egg in a compartment of the old "need to use the wringer to get them out" freezer bins. I haven't done that as I don't have a full size freezer that she did. However, I can remember more than once, the command of "get a dozen out of the freezer" and lo and behold, it worked!