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Jul 5, 2009 05:27 PM

Convivio or Scarpetta?

Which would you suggest? Both have great reputations and it seems like most on the board agree that these are two of the better and fairly new restaurants in the city. I am going to be dining alone this Friday and wanted to try one of these since they have both been on my " must try" for awhile. Suggestions?

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  1. Went to Scarpetta in Miami last week. The food was really good. I have not been to the restaurant in the city

    1. Been to both, and they're both awesome. The seating at the bar for one at Scarpetta might be a little more fun than seating for one at Convivio. There are little snacks and such at the bar at Scarpetta.

      I prefer the food at Scarpetta a little over Convivio.

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        Thanks a lot... what would you recommend from Convivio?

        I am planning on doing the four course menu as follows- quail, fusilli with pork ragu, veal chop, and the affogato.

        Other restaurants I am considering are Momofuku Ssam, Minetta Tavern, and Union Square Cafe.

        1. re: steakrules85

          was very disappointed by Convivio. went with a party of 4 and we all found the entrees to be pretty unappealing. the pastas were excellent (the carbonara was easily the best thing we ate all night). found the entrees to be sloppy in both presentation and preparation. I would not run back again, but if forced, I would get 2 pasta courses rather than an entree. could not understand how it earned 3 stars as it did not live up

          1. re: jimmyjazz

            Yeah I actually just cancelled my reservation for Convivio and instead booked Scarpetta. Their menu just looks a lot better and more inventive and appealing to me. I will eventually like to try Convivio, however not tomorrow.

            I am now in between Scarpetta or Momofuku SSam.

            1. re: steakrules85

              Love both of those places. If you sit at the bar in Momofuku you may feel more comfortable dining solo, however I will say that the bar room at Scarpetta is surprisingly lively. I think you will be very happy in either. One thing to note - Ssam might be better going with other people since it is more of a sharing type place.