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Sep 28, 2004 07:00 PM

Best Ethnic Markets in Los Angeles

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I am trying to compile a list of all the best ethnic markets in Los Angeles. I regulalrly shop at Ranch 99 and Mitsuwa's but would like to hear from others as their favorite markets. The cuisines/regions I am interested in are:

Any help is much appreciated.......

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  1. Japanese: Marukai (Downtown and Southbay)
    Mexican: Grand Central Market (Downtown)

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      Japanese Supermarkets
      I like Marukai too but not close enough to me. Nijiya is very convenient for West LA and Mitsuwa is good too. Both are pricey.

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        What's the address of Marukai?

        1. re: blitzy

          Here are the address's of the various locations for Marukai:

      2. Jons Market on Vermont at Hollywood Bl. for Armenian/Russian/Mexican food products (the have the BEST selection of feta cheese in their deli case. OMG)

        Silom Market on Hollywood Blvd. for any Thai product needs.

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          Add Jon's on Glenoaks in Glendale, about a block east from the big Paradise bakery complex. Lots of Russian/European/Mediterranean deli items, sausages and cheeses.

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            Add Old Fashion Deli in north Glendale to that list... fantastic prepared foods and great selection of Armenian foods.

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            Cynthia, thank you for posting about the feta at Jons Marketplace.
            We had visited one Jons Market a few years ago and walked out disappointed. However, today, with your post in mind, we went to Jons at 18135 Sherman Way in Reseda. It is a nice store...perhaps 6 years there.

            We purchased both the Greek feta and the French feta. The French feta is a clear winner...very fresh and tasty without being too salty.
            I thank you, Cynthia, for this wonderful find!

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              Jon's ROCKS! They also have great Hungarian goodies like bacon, salamis and sausages, plus an impressive selection of fresh olives and really decent super-cheap coffe beans in the deli.

            2. The best Thai market is probably the one in Thailand Plaza, 5321 Hollywood Blvd. I don't know if it has a separate name or if it's just Thailand Plaza market. Bangkok Market, 4757 Melrose, is also pretty good. There's a smaller one also on Hollywood Blvd. called Bang Luck Market.
              For Lebanese/Armenian (really more Armenian because of the large numbers of Armenian immigrants), Jon's on Colorado in Glendale and Jon's on Santa Monica near Western are both good. I couldn't find one as big and bustling as the old Jon's or Ron's on Sunset, though.
              For Vietnamese, A Grocery Warehouse, 1487 Sunset, is good.
              Also, don't forget Russian...

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                Oh, right, Silom is the name, as the poster below mentioned. Brain freeze...

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                miss eatsalot

                There is a good korean market on the basement floor of the mall located at Western and Olympic.

                1. I like Hawaii Supermarket, Valley @ Del Mar in San Gabriel and San Gabriel Superstore, Valley @ San Gabriel Bl., also in San Gabriel. Significantly cheaper than 99 Ranch, so much so that I haven't been to 99 Ranch in years. Both have nice selections of produce, meat and seafood.