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Jul 5, 2009 05:02 PM

best restaurant for pasta?

hi all. happy 4th. have a request from a friend to go to a place with great pasta. i've been to giacomo's 2x's this month, so would like to try somewhere else...north end, south end, back bay, financial dis't, all fine. where do you love the pasta? thanks!

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  1. Teatro has a great bolognese and some other great pastas which can be ordered app size with a shared caeser salad. I also love a couple of pasta's at Grotto, but it has been awhile. Scampo had a fantastic clam sauce pasta.

    faves at southend giacomo's are picatta over linguini, parmesians, seafood fra diavlo and shrimp scampi

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        1. Places I recently visited and had great pasta: Erbaluce, Sage, Marco, Pazzo, Sportello, Da Vinci, Rocca, Taranta, Trattoria Toscana.

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              Me too - I just got back from Erbaluce - the spaghetti alla chittara with summer herb pesto was outstanding. His pasta has just the right chewiness and the pesto was subtle enough so that the flavor of the noodles still came through.

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              Da Vinci is good? I somehow assumed it wasn't great because I haven't heard much about it since it opened... Hmm...maybe I should check it out! What's good for pasta there?

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                I love Da Vinci. The first time, you should definitely go for their Pasta Sampler... three home made pastas.

            3. Haven't been since last summer but the macheronchelli with kobe meatballs is one of my favorite pasta dishes of all time...Another favorite is the veal piccatelli at L'Osteria in the N. End...also, not on your list of locales but I have had several wonderful pasta dishes at dante in Cambridge...

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                macheronchelli (?) is at Sorellina right? And I strongly second MCSJB rec for Erbaluce