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Jul 5, 2009 04:40 PM

Best President's Choice frozen burgers

I would like to hear suggestions from fellow Canadians on their preferences for the PC frozen burgers. They have so many, it's hard to choose!

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  1. I've tried a bunch of them and my honest answer would be none of them or any of them. All the patties in general taste over-processed. They have too many fillers and generally leave me with a funny taste in my mouth. They're much more like meat loaf than meat. I've never had a PC frozen patty worth the money I paid for it. You would be better off buying some PC AAA ground chuck and just adding some salt, pepper and Worcester sauce to it.

    1. I hate to say it, but I like the Kids' Mini 3-oz burgers best. I find the others are generally 6 oz, and these days, I find that hard to finish if I have a salad alongside. I accept frozen burgers for what they are - inexpensive and convenient. These ones fit the bill, and I don't think they taste bad at all.

      The comment that they have "too many fillers" is puzzling; a quick check on the PC site reveals that most varieties are just beef and spices (and water?). The only thing that could remotely be called "filler" is skim milk powder, and that's only in a few varieties. Perhaps someone is letting their prejudices get in the way of the facts?

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        Well, it wasn't a good night as far as me getting my facts right. I checked the site and the ingredients lists don't list any fillers. I could swear that was not what I read on the boxes or tasted, but the internet never lies so I humbly take that part back. But I will stick to my guns as far them tasting odd and not being a great value. Making your own always comes out better.

        1. re: SnackHappy

          Some varieties of PC frozen patties have much longer lists of ingredients than others. I think it's a good point that you bring up. I always read the ingredients and select the one with the fewer additives. I can't remember which ones but they are, but it's obvious when you're there at the store looking at the packaging. Some types are much more than just beef and spices.

          Agree that making your own is better but the frozen ones are handy at times.

        2. re: KevinB

          I agree KevinB about the 6 oz being too big (or the Gigantico 8 oz). I was going to the buy the Kid's mini burgers, but then saw that there is a 4 oz (I think) PC burger made from the same meat as the bigger burgers. If Mr. S wants something bigger, he cooks two. I've never noticed an odd taste to them, but then, when I am having a burger at home, the burger is merely a vessel for the condiments.

        3. Yes, I do make my owm but I am being lazy lately and was looking for something quick and easy to plop on the BBQ when I get home. I hesitated though because I thought : how good can they be if frozen and then the sheer variety is overwhelming.