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Jul 5, 2009 04:38 PM

Ottawa or Cornwall area PC products

Can anyone recommend a super market that has a wide variety of the PC products in either of these areas? MUch appreciated!

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  1. If PC = President's Choice then they're available at Loblaws and Great Canadian Superstore in the Ottawa area. You can find them at some independent grocery stores as well. Loblaws are all over the place. The largest stores will have the biggest selection (eg. Loblaws at College Square or Superstore in Westboro).

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    1. re: PaulV

      Yes, PC = president's choice. I should have clarified.

      1. re: hungryann

        Loblaws College square is great!
        They also have a section with kosher items and Rideau Bakery products (sorry i know they are not PC)....
        Also have a large section of frozen kosher and ethnic items I have not seen at other Loblaws and I've been to every Loblaws in ottawa sometime...

        or else Hartmans independent on bank st they are pretty big, have lots of pc items.