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Jul 5, 2009 03:33 PM

Aquavit Dining Room for RW?

The Aquavit dining room has a $35 prix fixe dinner for RW. Seems like a good deal considering it's normally $84 for their prix fixe dinner. Wonder though how it would be different from the RW menu for the cafe. Any thoughts on whether this is worth it? Do you think Aquavit is not the restaurant it used to be anymore?

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  1. I don't do RW, but we had lunch in Aquavit's dining room in May. The 3-course seasonal prix fixe for $24.07, which is available at lunch all the time, is exactly the same as the Cafe's $24.07 lunch prix fixe and $35 dinner prix fixe. My guess is that it will also be the menu for RW dinner in the dining room. You can see the menu on the website.

    We ordered a la carte, and the food was delicious. Presuming the high quality holds up for the $35 RW dinner, it seems like an excellent deal to me.


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      That's interesting that the Cafe and Dining Room prix fixe menus are the same. I always think of the former as being much more Swedish than the latter. For the OP - I had the lunch prix fixe at the Cafe in April and thought it was v. good (I had the salmon, I think) and well priced. Neither of the two dessert options sounded appealing to me, but my stepmother and I each got one and I liked both of them.

      Also had an enjoyable dinner there on Tuesday, though we ordered a la a carte.

    2. We had the winter RW dinner at Aquavit in the dining room and it was excellent, including a herring sampler, hot smoked arctic char, and their arctic circle (goat cheese parfait, blueberry sorbet, passionfruit curd). A few very nice choices for each course as well as their terrific selection of bread and a couple of spreads. They really didn't skimp. The only complaint was that the service seemed rushed, so heads up, and ask them to slow it down if you feel you're being hurried. Otherwise a lovely dining experience in beautiful, serene surroundings.

      1. I did the RW prix fixe lunch in the dining room last year at Aquavit and it was marvelous. Plan on going back this year.

        CityKid mentioned rushed service. I was lucky enough to have a very laid back waiter -- if anything, it was too long of a meal for midday lunch.