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Jul 5, 2009 03:15 PM

Sunday Dinner

I will be in New Orleans in three weeks for a weekend with my girlfriend and her sister and am looking for recommendation for dinner. This will be our third trip to my favorite food city this year, places we have recently eaten include: the chef's menu at August (a sublime experience), Brigtsen's, Cochon, Commander's Palace, Cafe Adelaide, Tommy's Cuisine, Emeril's. One member of my group is not an adventurous eater so need a place with safe options otherwise I would go with the tasting menu at Stella.

Places I am considering include: Herbsaint, Cuvee, Eleven79, Delmonico. I should have mentioned that we will be staying in the CBD so would like someplace in the nearby area.

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  1. Herbsaint! Was in NO in April and Herbsaint was the best meal we had.

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    1. re: JH01

      Herbsaint is excellent, but unfortunately it is closed Sundays.

      1. re: philmaur

        Thanks for the heads up. After a quick check of my other choices all but Delmonico are also closed on Sundays. Any other recommendations for a Sunday dinner before I go ahead and make a reservation at Delmonico?

        1. re: ChrisVA

          Call The Pelican Club. It's in the FQ, but on the side closest to the CBD.

          Pelican Club Restaurant & Bar
          312 Exchange Alley, New Orleans, LA 70130

      1. Sundays can be tricky. So many places closed. I had the same situation (though I live here) a couple months ago. I chose Cafe Atchafalya. We had a great meal. Unfortunately that's not really CBD. I know Luke is open Sunday nights (looks like someone beat me to that punch) It is a John Besh restaurant, so if you liked August that much maybe give Luke a try?

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          I usually stay in the Hilton St Charles so didn't mention that I have had breakfast and lunch at Luke before. The plan as it stands now:
          Saturday lunch: Bayona
          Have other plans for Saturday evening
          Sunday brunch: Ralph's on the Park (based on Bill Hunt's glowing reports)
          Sunday dinner: leaning towards Galatoires

          1. re: ChrisVA

            II'd say you were leaning in the right direction, though Delmonico's is also a wonderful restaurant. Prefer the New Orleans feel of Galatoire's.

            1. re: TaTee

              My feelings as well. I have eaten in Emeri's flagship and have never been to Galatoires so am going to go with that. One question, I see that you can reserve tables in the second floor dining room, but the main dining room is first come first served. Should I go the reservation route or the main dining room? How long will the wait for a table be on a Sunday night in July?

              1. re: ChrisVA

                Dine downstairs at Gal's. There shouldn't be much (if any ) wait. I have never had anything at Ralph's that was would bring me back. Return visits were due to others. Tom Fitzmorris (local food critic) has a forum with recent posts regarding experiences at Ralph's, none of which are positive. Comments are listed under the "first post from recent trip" thread.