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Jul 5, 2009 02:51 PM

having trouble making sauteed chicken and pan sauces for more than two people

i love searing chicken breasts and deglazing the fond to make sauces but i haven't had success, nor have an idea how to pan sear enough chicken breasts for eight guests without eventually burning some of the bits in the pan. any advice on how to sear and deglaze for many?

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  1. Maybe do 4 at a time, deglaze and reserve the liquid, wipe out your skillet w/ paper towel (if it's a nonstick), add butter/ oil to pan and do the remaining 4, deglaze again and add back the reserved liquid from the 1'st batch. adam

    1. Can I assume you're pounding the breasts and then sautee-ing? When I do that, each guest winds up with only a half of a half breast. It looks like WAY more when pounded thin. So you then would only have to do four half breasts. That's still two cookings but I find that the fond doesn't burn. I put my oven on low with a plate that heats up. Cook the first two, into the oven, cook the second two, into the oven, make sauce, pour over chicken, cut halves in half, put on platter and serve.

      Wiping out the pan also works. You can just increase the amount of sauce ingredients at the end.

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        any advice on just pan frying many cutlets. eventually the breading and egg turn black after the 6 breast.

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          I don't use breading or egg so can't help you there. I just do a light coating of flour. I use either all evoo or 1/2 each oil and butter. If using breading and egg, you may want to bake them.

      2. im actually making a dish with chicken parts instead of pounded breasts. about 10 pounds worth of thighs and drumsticks. im gonna toss them in some seasoned flour and then crisp them up. the finish cooking in the tomato pan sauce.

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          So your OP said breasts but you've switched to dark meat? I honestly don't know how you can cook any bone-in chicken to doneness in a saute pan on top of the stove. Including but not limited to breasts. Others will have to help you out with that one.

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            its chicken cacciatore. i finish it in the oven on this one. the other information was for my chicken francaise

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. either 2 pans or a larger pan