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Jul 5, 2009 02:42 PM

Twenty Bench area - need lunch recos

Will be headingo NOTL, but will be visiing some wineries along the way before we get to NOTL. Does anyone have any recos for a lunch place in the Twenty Bench area?

Will be visiting Pen Ridge, Flat Rock, Tawse and Fielding (at least)...... lol

Thanks in advance!!


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  1. the restaurant at Peninsula Ridge is great (the kitchen house?) as is About thyme and don't forget to visit Hidden Bench winery

    1. August Restaurant in Beamsville or East Dell Winery (terrific view)

      1. We ate at Olsen's Foods. Pulled pork was okay. Cole slaw was really wet and had a funny flavour to it.
        Best part was the buns.

        Also ate at Stone Road Grill ("The Rest") and had good tasty food there. Like the 1/2 half size entres and matched wine pairings. It was Tuesday night and the place was packed. I didn't think we'd need a reservation so had to eat at the bar. Suzy the waitress was great and funny. Liked the Lobster Trangolini, but the Duck Confit was yummy. Highy recommend it.

        Ate lunch the next day at the Niagara Culinary Inst. Had a three course meal with a glass of wine for $33. Food was tasty and well prepared.

        1. Think I was in Grimsby - a place called 13 Mountain street. Driving around trying to find a place and came across this. Was impressed. A lot of different choices and different items to appeal to all. Freshly baked breads on site. Will go back again.