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Jul 5, 2009 01:50 PM

Roosevelt Ave Taco Cart Crawl - summer 09 help

Hi, I am planning on organizing a Taco Cart crawl down roosevelt ave in August....
I wanted to see if I can get some suggestions from the knowledgeable chowhound crowd.

I am limiting the tacos to street food: trucks, carts and even stands outside restaurants. I think it should just be things we can get on the street. I think opening it up to window places like tacolandia would make it too large a tour for one stomach.

The idea is to be down roosevelt ave, but are there any places just off Roos that are of particular mention?

Start and Stop places: Where do the carts stop and end?
Are there carts along greenpoint ave? maybe just doing the entire "roosevelt ave" would be prudent. could end with a mets game, who knows? maybe the mets would do a promo.

anything else I should think about?

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  1. 46th St. and Queens Blvd right outside the subway is a great chicken and Rice cart.

    Awesome taco truck which I frequent on 52nd and Roosevelt Ave :

    1. The original comment has been removed