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Jul 5, 2009 12:47 PM

Restaurant for Wedding Northern NJ?

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for a nice restaurant to have a wedding in somewhere in the northern NJ area. We're looking to avoid any traditional catering hall or wedding factory. We just want a place with good atmosphere and good food to gather with our friends and family. Someplace big enough for 125-150 people, indoors or out. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Jaimekop - Congratulations!
      Based on the number of people you want to have for dinner, and geographic location, it may be difficult to find a restaurant/venue that can accomdate and serve dinner for 125-150 people without it becoming a 'traditional' affair. That being said, without knowing your price range, food preference, etc, simply some suggestions below, call and talk to them, you may get other ideas. Hope this helps. Wishing you much Happiness!

      Random Side Note:
      Not a restaurant, but a beautiful venue, with very good food.

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        We had our wedding at Liberty House. We also didn't want a "traditional" type of deal. We used the downstairs room which had a very different feel than the upstairs ballroom. But, I think we had about 125-130 and we were pushing that room to its limits. If you want more detail feel free to ask.

        1. re: ejdb

          I was very interested in your impression of Liberty House. The reviews on line indicate that the service tends to be disorganized. Was this a problem? We are also interested in a wedding with about 120-130 people wanting a none traditional wedding. If it is to be at Liberty House the downstairs is being considered. Did you get married inside or out? The wedding is being planned for mid to end of July. Was the food as good as you expected. Did you use a particular florist? Appreciate any guidance and comments- Overfulton

      2. Jaimekop- Would you be willing to share any other places other than those suggested by Jaimejop- Much thanks overfulton

        1. Nanina's in the Park is a lovely place in Belleville, NJ. It is on the edge of Branch Brook Park and is in a beautiful setting. They are not open as a restaurant, but only do large parties. But they are not a wdding mill. Very good food and excellent service.