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Jul 5, 2009 12:32 PM

mid-price restaurant in Shinjuku

Hi, we will be arriving to Narita at 6pm and heading to Shinjuku where we are staying at the Keio Plaza Hotel. I expect that it will be well past 9pm when we will be checked in and ready to have a dinner.
Could you recommend a restaurant nearby for a Japan novice? I would prefer quality sushi but other options include yakitori or sukiyaki, or any typically Japanese restaurant except soba noodles.
I would expect to pay up to 3000 yen, maximum 4000, including a beer or a soft soda. Also, we don't speak any Japanese.
Thank you for your help,

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  1. Yuian ( has great food, English menus and a nice view, and they're open until 11:30pm (last order is 10:30pm). A little cheaper, and in the same building, is Kuu (, with charcoal-grilled fish and meats; they stop serving at 10pm.

    If it's after 11pm there's a branch of the Watami izakaya chain open until 3am, but I'm not sure about English menus:

    You might want to ask your hotel to call ahead to reserve, especially if it's a Friday night. If it's a Sunday night I'd suggest that you eat in the hotel; everything around there closes pretty early.

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      Hi Robb S,

      Kuyashii~! :) I had no idea Yuian was so close to Keio! :( We scoured all the other blocks of Shinjuku through Kabuki-cho, but never thought there'd be a Robb S-approved place inside the commercial-looking building to the north of our hotel. Sigh. Next time. :)

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        Aww, sorry you missed it - Tokyo has good, well-hidden restaurants in the most unexpected places. A few of the other skyscrapers have good restaurants as well.

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        The Watami menus I've seen have English subtext and the photos are also quite helpful.

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          Thanks for the info. Watami is usually not my first choice, but they offer decent value for money, and after 11pm they're about the only place open in Nishi-Shinjuku.

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            It's never on the top of my list either, but being open late and being able to accommodate large groups without prior booking is what makes it a go-to place for band-after-show-parties. And certainly, decent value.

      3. Maybe a kaiten sushi place just to get your feet wet.

        1. Just between the Keio Plaza and Shinjuku station are several blocks filled with restaurants. Walk around there. Many have their menus posted outside with photos and prices clearly marked. See what you are hungry for. They are all cheap to moderately priced.

          1. I don't remember the name of the restaurant, but if you go out the back door of the Keio Plaza and walk thru the park on to the street that leads directly to the train station, the first restaurant on the right hand corner closest to the park is very good....

            1. Thank you everybody.
              I have tried Yuian and the food was excellent. We arrived at almost 10pm and they seated us at the window - the view was fabulous. We did not have the set menu but the food we have chosen was all very tasty.
              The next day we wanted to try Kuu but I think they hiked up their prices because it was more expensive than Yuian and definitely not as aspiring. So we ended up in Yuian again.
              On the third day we had take-away from Watami and I liked it quite a lot but my husband hated it - he said that it had some really weird flavours...
              We are comming back to the same hotel at the end of our stay so maybe I will have some more restaurants in the area to post about.

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                Very interesting! I was trying to decide between Kuu and Yuian while staying at the Hyatt Regency. I guess the better choice appears to be Yuian. Any further thoughts or suggestions? I already have a reservation for Ryugin.