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Jul 5, 2009 12:26 PM

Lists - give us a break

I sent the mods an email about another issue with lists, but I assumed that, at the least, line breaks were allowed.

A spammer took over lists and one way of Chowhound dealing with that issue was to take away the very useful ability to have working links in lists.

Here's one example where Chow HQ uses that funcition to provide active links to opentable ... and is able to nicely format

Here's another list where you can see if at the very least a line break would be allowed, the text would be more readable

As to links, I can no longer edit my lists such as this one where I use heavy linking without the links being stripped out.. Without line breaks, even links that could be cut and pasted would be unreadable.

This list

Would look like this today

Welcome to SF. Yes we know you like all types of food and want the best of the best. It helps to narrow things down though and read this thread. Read this first Of course, no one reads that. However, you will get better tips and more response if you do read it. Here are some lists that have tips for restaurants where locals actually eat. They are the restaurants repeatedly recommended by Chowhounds to visitors. Clicking on a restaurant name will bring up the Place record with tips, websites, linked Chowhound reports and more info First time in SF - Here's where to eat ... or not Union Square Breakfast & Brunch SF - Munching in the Mission SF Chinatown: Best bets and a few losers SF: A taste of the Tenderloin SF - North Beach SF - Eating near Golden Gate Park Best Bets - SF Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurants Tourist traps - SF Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurants SF - Restaurants with a view SF - New restaurants SF - Late night eats The best of SF fine dining Upscale in SF (But Not Too!) SF - Cafes, wine bars and such SF - Cheap chow Another great resource is the Chow Digest, a weekly newsletter of the best picks for the week. Although it covers the entire Bay Area, a good number of tips cover SF. SF Bay Area Digest Any other restaurants listed below don’t fit into any of the above categories.

At the very least it would be nice to have line breaks.

My email addresses other issues about removing the linking abitility that I don't want to put on a board since it might give spammers ideas.

But please ... let us have line breaks.

As far as links, maybe there could be a toggle where if reliable posters requested the ability to link, it could be turned on. It seems really unfair to take this capability away because of one abusive person.

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  1. Line breaks would be awesome.

    I also can't seem to have more than 26 items on a list.

    And every time I add something, I get the following error, even when the items has been successfully added (I'm using firefox):

    Bad Request
    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
    Reference #7.4f2912d1.1249196700.0

    Sorry to piggyback, but after dealing with all the bugs in List, I didn't feel like adding another topic.