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Jul 5, 2009 11:55 AM

Supper at Rush - Calgary

I think I definitely have a favorite restaurant, and it is Rush.

From that I'm sure you know how this review will go, but I'll write on a bit anyway. My birthday was yesterday and my present was a night out on the town, covered by my parents. So we all went to Rush.

The only part of the meal we didn't quite like was the amuse bouche. It was a bit odd and too big for an amuse bouche, in my opinion. There was a cracker, a pork pate? and a parmesan sauce. It was interesting but not the best amuse bouche I've had there.

Leaving that aside, everything was spectacular. At first we were the only people in the place... first day of the Stampede, so I suppose that's not surprising... and the service was a little cloying. We really didn't need to have our water poured when the bottle was on the table. But the food was excellent! I had the foie gras torchon, my mother had the land and sea, my sister had the shrimp and... I forget what dad had. Whatever it was, he loved it. We also got their parmesan fries and enjoyed them immensely. They make excellent, flavorful fries.

For the main course, I had the noble farms duck breast. It came with a foie gras medallion and was one of the best things I've ever tasted. Mom had the lamb, my sister had the salmon and dad had the flat iron steak. It was all cooked to perfection and my sister loved her salmon so much, she said she wished she could find out how they did it. We also had a side order of mushrooms that was superb. I'm not sure what they do to their mushrooms, but whatever it is, it's amazing. I could eat nothing but that.

Dessert was just as good. I had the coffee, mom had strawberry and sister and dad had the chocolate. We all had a favorite thing on the plate... for me it was the ricotta doughnuts. I could have eaten a plate of nothing but that. My sister and dad loved the white chocolate. I forget which one mom loved, sorry. And when we left, we were given bags of granola to take home... and it's very good granola, I'm snacking on it now.

How much did all this cost? Well, for four of us and a 110 dollar bottle of wine, the damage after tip was 492 dollars. Not bad at all for a meal we will remember in our dreams.

I would very much recommend Rush.

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  1. Thanks for the report. As a matter of interest, was it very busy?

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      Not at all, only 3 tables by the time we left. But that might have a LOT to do with Stampede just starting.

    2. Pouring the water is basically just good service and not really wierd, we've been conditioned here in Calgary to just live with bad service. In many fine dining places around the world, you should expect to have water poured, napkins folded for you when you leave the table, new mini tablecloths draped on before desert, new cutlery for each course, etc. So far Rush is the only place here that does a fine job with attentive service. I've spent twice the amount at other places with less than half the service compared to Rush. I'm thirsty just thinking of that awesome house bottled water at Rush!

      1. I am glad you enjoyed Rush. I have dined there twice, and both times the food and service were superb. It's expensive, but as you said, money well spent.