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Jul 5, 2009 11:00 AM

Japanese with Tatami Mats?

Does anyone know of a good Japanese place in San Francisco that has tatami mats where you can sit on the floor??? Yamato and Yoshida Ya both closed a while ago... Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. Offhand I cannot think of any in San Francisco, though there are some in the South Bay: Rokko in Sunnyvale and Hatcho in Santa Clara. Also Miraku in Walnut Creek.

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    1. re: Wendy_san

      In Concord, there's also Suwas, which has two small tatami rooms.

    2. Yoshi's Oakland has a section to the right when you come in with tatami, but westernized with a little pit under the table, and funny chair-backs. But there's one table to the left after the sushi bar that's straight up tatami - seats 8, I think.

      Can't say about Yoshi's SF.

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      1. re: bbulkow

        Uzen on College in Oakland has a similar set up upstairs.