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Jul 5, 2009 10:34 AM

ISO Restaurant between W Barnstable & Harwich for Dinner

We had planned to meet at Gracie's Table which inexplicably for the middle of July is only open Thursday through Monday. The parameters are that one of our party is allergic to fish/shellfish, we would like a good wine list, I won't be able to leave W Barnstable until 6 at the earliest and we will probably spend a fair amount of time chatting. Any suggestions for a place for dinner on a Wednesday evening. TIA.

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  1. Last Weds. we also wanted to go to Gracie's Table. We went to The Red Pheasant in Dennis.

    One of our friend's had a pork tenderloin dish which he said was dry. His SO had a beautifully medium rare piece of lamb. My husband and I shared their house salad, a small plate of beet risotto and the French tart with gruyere, caramelized apples and ham. We thought all were very good. Good wine list and reasable prices. And perfect for chatting. There's a nice little bar and several different rooms for dining. We were in the enclosed porch looking out on the garden.

    I'd also been interesting in going to Lyric but just wound up not doing it this time.

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      Thanks for the reply. We are taking your suggestion for the Red Pheasant. We haven't been in a while and excepting for a miserable waitress once have been happy with our meals there. I would try Lyric but am waiting to see some reviews first.

      1. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

        I love Red Pheasant in the winter..for some reason I am not in the mood for their ambiance in the warmer months. I love Ocean House for on the water, oceanview dining.

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          The one time we went to the Ocean House the tables were so close together that I don't know how the waitress got to the table. We keep saying we will go back but haven't so far.

          1. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

            Check out The Port in Harwichport on 28. We ate there 2 weeks ago, and it was fantastic - a perfect place for good food, wine and long meals.

      2. re: c oliver

        Yes, the organically grown, yada yada pork was very mediocre and fairly dry. SO did like her leg of lamb. I believe we shared the tart that was not memorable for me. All in all it was a good meal.
        I thought our waiter was not very attentive and not very interested in hanging at the table while I tried to make up my mind about wine and food. He left both times and really took his time before returning. His lack of patience, interest and attentiveness seemed a little unprofessional for this class of place. I/we would certainly return, regardless. The tab was about slightly above average at $40+ per person with a bottle of wine, a glass of wine, dessert and no appetizers, for the four of us and with two eating fairly lightly. Probably normal for the Cape.

          1. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

            No, I was replying to Catherine Oliver's post above, where we had dinner at The Red Pheasant. I'm the friend...

          2. re: Scargod

            Actually WE had the tart and gave you a bite. Maybe it wasn't hot or you didn't get the *yummies*. It was a real sum of the parts thing with the filling ingredients not overwhelming the pastry itself. I thought it was lovely. I don't really expect a waiter to *hang* at the table while I'm making up my mind. Do I remember that you did order an app of some sort and he then returned once you'd decided on your main? Maybe not. This is kinda interesting as clearly your opinion of his service was quite different from ours. I thought he exhibited the very traits you didn't. Ain't life grand?!?

        1. Gracie's Table rocks. Closing Tuesday and Wednesday makes sense to me. Monday most places close so why not pick up the business. It's Cape Cod after all and even business people want a life. So, close two out of seven. And, ya, AGM, The Table would be perfect for anyone allergic to fish/shellfish.

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            Unfortunately he was looking FOR Weds. night. We also were really disappointed that we couldn't go there. Their menu looks great. Next time.