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Jul 5, 2009 09:34 AM

Village on W. 9th????

Heading to NYC on Tues. Could not find anything on Village Restaurant on West. 9th St. Is it good? Would appreciate some moderately priced recommendations in West Village, Meatpacking or Tribeca - only if they take reservations.

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  1. It's good. There are a number of posts about it, but it's a bitch to search for because of the generic name. The menu is pretty standard bistro fare, well-priced and well-executed. I've never had a bad experience at Village, and I've probably been there over 20 times. There's a pub-like front room, and an airy back room with a high ceiling.

    1. it's good, I'm a bit of a regular. last week they were running a nice $20 lobster dinner special. check the prixe fixe. I'm also a fan of the burger.