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Jul 5, 2009 09:08 AM

Dinner Americana at Brand?

So far, the only good review I've seen has been for Granville Cafe, which sounds worth a try. We'll be meeting a friend at the Americana tonight - any other recommendations? Casual/moderately priced would be best, our budget doesn't allow for fine dining these days.

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  1. Frida was decent my one visit.. Amici just opened but I have no idea about prices or quality. There is an Outback across the street that is fine.

    1. I realize this is probably too late, but I recommend Raffi's Place. It's not on Brand, but is in a five minute walking radius.

      All of the food I've had at the Americana is Citywalk-worthy.

      Raffi's Place Restaurant
      211 E Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205

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        At least City Walk has Jody Maroni and Cafe Tu Tu Tango

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          there is a jody maroni and a cheap pizza place at the americana, too. I would reccommend Frida or Cheesecake Factory for the better food at Americana. Frida, being the better of the 2, they also have good HH specials.

      2. Granville is excellent for happy hour. Weekdays they do it from 4pm until closing. $3 dollar off drinks and discounted appetizers. I LOVE their sweet potato fries. I also enjoyed the Very Berry cocktail...tow drinks and an order of sweet potato fries later...the bill was $17 before tip and service was great.

        1. Too l ate, but worth mentioning that the worst meal I've had this year was at Katsuya at Americana. And i love the other Katsuyas.

          1. Thanks, everybody. We wound up at Cafe Granville for a satisfying, if unexceptional meal. The service was a little slow, as I'd read, but the server was friendly without being obnoxious about it, and very helpful when my husband asked for a substitution. The three of us had: one chicken/bleu cheese pizza, one ahi sandwich and one bacon hamburger and we shared a bottle of wine.

            I wouldn't make a special trip to Americana to eat any time soon, but what we had was fine - if I were in the area, I'd go to Cafe Granville again.