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Jul 5, 2009 08:45 AM

Where do Hong Kong foodies gather?

I'm just kind of curious since I just moved back to Hong Kong 3 1/2 weeks ago and looking for local foodies to hang out with. In New York City there were tons and there were a handful of foodie groups to meet other foodies. Super fun.

If there is enough of you out there I'd be more than happy to donate my time and start/manage a foodie group here in HK. Will be a great way to meet new friends, share foodie spots/tips etc. Post below to let me know if you are interested!

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  1. Whether local chowhounders have regular meet and eat, I'm not that sure.

    However, in the past few years, a small selective group of established HK chowhounders manage to coordinate with a number of their overseas counterpart visiting HK and have chowmeets during the period they are in town. So far the group have had meals from Private kitchen, Shanghai Fraternity Association and Caprice. As you say, it was funnnnnnn! We tend to learn a great deal from each other experiences because every one of this group have impressive 'Michelin stars' credential. Having eaten in Michelin 2-3* star establishments all over Europe, NYC, San Fran, Tokyo and HK.. Great personality and truly a fun group to be with. Great food and great company combines to form a killer combo!! Great company is a sure thing, keeping our fingers crossed on the 'great food' trend!

    Depending on itinerary of some of the overseas CHers visiting HK, a possible chowmeet may be March of next year?!

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      Hey Charles and big_apple_ken -- I've been noticing that you two are posting quite often on this board.. which probably means you guys like to eat. hehe! ;) Don't know if you guys read my post, but anyway, I'm flying in with my best buddy from culinary school on JULY 14 WED. (my friend and I are both nutty food obsessives - having lived in New York, and San Francisco. I now reside in Manila, and my friend lives in LA) Anyway, I'm trying to do a private kitchen dinner on JULY 17.. don't know which one yet (Mum Chau's in Lan Kwai Fong? Any suggestions?). Why don't you guys join us? Let me know!

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        Love to but sorry doctorj, I am Toronto based! I visit HK only once or twice a year. Understand big_apple_ ken is fairly new to the board having just returned from the big apple. May be you two can get together?!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          aw that's too bad. nevertheless - i will update you on our little food adventures here. ;)

          1. re: doctorj

            Major shame you guys don't meet more often. I'll definitely set up a group shortly and see who shows interest. I'm not too concerned how much Michelin star credential anyone has but just want to find some liked-minded people to search for the best food HK has to offer.

            Maybe when my group is set up and running for a while I'll help other CHers out by setting up foodie tours when they come to town.

            1. re: big_apple_ken

              I just got to HK from NY too and would definitely be up for a foodie group...

    2. I'm relatively new to HK but would be happy to help out with setting up a group if you need a hand!

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        I'm all for meets if we're eating cheap-ish. Unfortunately, all my meals at the high-end places are with my parents, so the account is taken care of.

        But if we're eating some good Chinese roast, I'm game - plenty of places I've yet to try, and I'm sure I can afford a cheaper budget.