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Jul 5, 2009 06:34 AM

Specialty groceries Halifax

Anyone have any favourite places for specialty goods, i.e. the kinds of things you can't find at Sobeys, in Halifax (ethnic ingredients, gourmet ingredients, baking-specific ingredients etc)? I'm moving there shortly and would like to have some idea of where to go.

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    1. I would like to know also, as I am trying to track down some Kimchi (ee) and decent wasabi peas..I do like Pete's as mentioned, but they tend to carry the same stuff all the time, they do have an excellent British section where I go for prawn crisps and good chocolate...also if your into middle eastern, there are lots of little gorcers for that

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      1. re: LeahFaith

        LeahFaith - have you tried:

        JJ Korean Grocery
        2326 Gottingen Street, Halifax, NS B3K 3B6
        Phone: (902)425-0414

        Heiwa Oriental Market
        7018 Chebucto Road
        Halifax, Nova Scotia
        Tel: 902-455-8383

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          There's also Tian Phat on the Bedford Highway. Or Mid East Food Center at the corner of Agricola and North.