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Jul 5, 2009 05:31 AM

Villa Italia on Coral Way

Does anyone remember Villa Italia on Coral Way. For 20 years it was our family Go to restaurant if we wanted inexpensive Italian food. We loved it! We have not been able to find a substitute.

Anyone have any suggestions? We tried Mario the baker on Red Road and was not impressed at all. We want a place that served good italian, somewhat inexpensively where it is okay to bring kids, that has sit down service. We are in the South miami Coral Gables area

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  1. We also went to Villa Italia often. It wasn't fantastic, but it was reliable and somehow comfortable even with the flourescent lights and linoleum floors.

    They're at somewhat higher price points and are not quite as casual, but Bugatti, Anacapri, and Spris all do decent Italian in the Gables. Bugatti is probably my favorite of the bunch. Spris is probably the most casual of the bunch. I'm not as big a fan of Cafe Abbracci and I'd say it's probably even less kid-friendly.

    1. there was a little place on 8 street and Salzedo (one block from 37 ave) that was an Italian via Argentina that was not bad either.

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        That place is called Caffe Italia. Our office staff orders from there on occasion and the food is consistently good. They also have very fast delivery, although we are aware they are pretty busy.

        I have two small kids (preschoolers) and we go to Bugattu on occasion. My husband and I love the food and it's loud enough that the kids don't interrupt anyone else's dinner. Also the portions are big so we share our food with the kids.

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          Villagio in Merrick Park is pretty good and reasonably priced. I frequent this restaurant often because it's very close to work and even during a weekday lunch, there are kids dining with their parents / family members. You should give it a shot. The spaghetti & meatballs are great and it definitely feeds two.

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            do you by chance have address for caffe Italia and Bugattu?

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              I think that must be "Bugatti" which is at 2504 Ponce de Leon Blvd. in Coral Gables.

        2. A little bit further south, but Papichi on S. Dixie Hwy. (just past where the Hooligans used to be, near the fireplace store) is pretty good for casual Italian with the kids. Their deserts are pretty good too.

          1. I'm still partial to Perricone's in Brickell (perhaps a bit too far North for your taste, but I believe it's worth it.)

            See older post from my blog,, below:

            Perricone's Marketplace & Cafe, Downtown
            It's easy to forget old, trusted friends sometimes-- especially when you're vetting so many new ones. This weekend we reunited with Perricone's Marketplace & Cafe for some worthy, not-gonna-break-the-bank Italian cuisine. The beef carpaccio appetizer gave an impressive nod to ratatouille (the food, the film: take your pick) with a delectable and well seasoned addition of roasted eggplant. My Fiocchi pasta purses stuffed with pears in a creamy gorgonzola and walnut sauce had W's name written all over it. I would have added a little pancetta crumble just to counter the sweetness, but it was delicious. W's shrimp with veggies and whole wheat pasta was simple but artfully prepared, especially the tender and plump garlicky shrimp. We passed on Perricone's famous pastries. But we did delight in a tall glass of marinated strawberries, all the while wondering why we hadn't been here in such a long, long time. Perricone's Marketplace & Cafe is located at 15 SE 10 Street, Miami, FL 33131. Ph 305.374.9449

            1. Graziano's Next Door - 9209 Sw 40th St, Miami, FL 33165, Phone: (305) 225-3696

              They have great pizza and salads. We usually split a small pizza and salad for two adults and two kids, with room for gelato for dessert. They do not serve beer or wine.