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Jul 5, 2009 01:09 AM

The Dip Net

Read on the boards that it had closed, yet I heard an ad on the radio for it yesterday. Anyone know the scoop?

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  1. Could it have been some sort of sponsorship ad that hasn't expired? Linda Bean has taken over her former site of the Dip Net property, so unless it's resurfaced somewhere else suddenly and miraculously, I'm not sure what that's about.

    1. I think the new owners may have kept the name "Dip Net", but it's definitely not the same restaurant it once was.

      1. The Dip Net as it once was has definitely closed- though I knew Linda Bean (the owner of the property) was taking it over, I'm shocked to hear she may have kept the name- that seems A) strange, considering she named all of her other take-out places after herself ("Linda Bean's Perfect Maine Lobster Roll" stands in several places on the coast), and B) strange, because it's not super cool to kick out the managers of a much-beloved restaurant, and take over their name to boot.

        Anyway, we went to the Cod End in Tenant's Harbor this weekend to see if it might be a suitable replacement for the Dip Net, and I'm happy to report that it will be. Not quite as good, but excellent prices, speedy delivery, great location, and several nice landlubber options for my husband. It's tough to find, though- take a sharp left down toward the water right after the General Store in Tenant's Harbor (on the way to Port Clyde from route 1). You'll feel like you're driving into someone's yard, but no worries- it's the public landing.

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          Dip Net Hall of Fame. Friday night we decided to head to Port Clyde to the Dip Net. After reading many comments about the former tenants not having the lease renewed we were dubious. Lets face it the reputation of the Dip Net was anything goes. Half dressed waitrons, cooks drinking on the line and a non stop party. We waited about 10 minutes for half a picnic table. An oyster shucker offered us delicious fresh shucked oysters at no charge because we were hanging near his station. The jazz duo was playing in the center of the deck, and servers (dressed professionally) stepped over equipment to get food to tables. The executive chef of Linda Beans operations was bussing tables, dumping trash, cooking lobsters on the outside cooker and weaving between tables talking to customers. The bartender Ross was quick to offer us glasses of a really good white wine. Once seated, we ordered There was a wait for our food but well worth it. The plates were amazing. Pan seared scallops were huge with a tight balsamic reduction and for my husband, the Port Clyde Dawn. Lobster ravioli in a creamy sauce with lots of fresh lobster and maine shrimp meat. What struck me was the detail to presentation. the deck was full and people were waiting for tables but our plates still were garnished with edible orchids, and little edible flowers from the pots hanging on the dock. Chef Margaret cleared our table and told us that on any given shift she has a Culinary Institute of America, New England Culinary Institute and Le Cordon Bleu chef on the line. It shows. And it is fun and upbeat and Ross fills the wine glasses to the top. Thank you Linda Bean for not renewing the lease.

          1. re: cellticaoife

            Yay! Thanks for that, it's nice to hear you had such a great experience. Hope you come back on one of the nights I am bartending :) Ross is great though, I agree, he makes for a fun night. The food is great and Chef Margaret does a great job. There is a lot of teamwork this year, and I am glad it shows!

            1. re: aynne35

              Wow, that's really encouraging. I'm looking forward to trying it out. I have to agree with comments about the former owners. Although everyone raved about the food, I never had a meal there to write home about. And the waitresses were often either unprofessional and occasionally on the snotty side. It's the last place my husband wanted to go when we'd venture out. For me, it was always the setting.

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                Who are you who is tending bar? In talking the Dip Net up to friends from away who are renting a place in Martinsville said they had already gone down one evening when two lobstermen had brought in a huge amount of big crabs which were cooked up in the steamer and dumped in the middle of a lobster trap bar. The chef went around telling guests to help themselves and provided butter and cocktail sauce. All free. They said it reminded them of a southern crab boil in NC. They said they saw famous people there but would not reveal who. The radio is talking about Butter Poached Lobster with Risotto as the special for August. Lobster Month. I heard the chef is on the Food Network. Heading back this friday for oysters. aynne35 are you on the bar?

                1. re: cellticaoife

                  I am working Thursday daytime as a server and Sunday night on the bar, so far I have Friday off, but if anything changes I'll let you know! Yes, the crab thing is way cool, and it really is 100% on the house. So, if you are around on Sunday night or Thursday day, I'll be there! I might come down Friday for lunch with some friends though if the weather is nice, can't think of a better place to spend a sunny happy hour afternoon!

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. It is definitely open!!!! Had dinner there with my husband monday night. Our dinners were the best. I had the surf and turf special. Yummy seared scallops with parmesan rissotto. My husband had the butter poached lobster , a very generous portion. Staff was friendly and helpful. New management is great!!

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              1. re: shanaynay

                You guys are killin' me! Was in in the area last week and I thought the Dip was closed. Had a bit of a disappointing meal @ Amalfi.

                1. re: shaebones

                  No, come on down to the Dip Net! Chef Margaret and Tim are awesome! I promise you will love it!

                  1. re: aynne35

                    I will, soon. I spend most weekends in Cushing. I'll look for you! :)

                    1. re: shaebones

                      I am actually heading down there tonight because I know, it's my night off, but I love it down there and there won't be many summer nights like this. Besides, I get to serve all the awesome food and never get to sit and enjoy it! Plus, I think there may be a gin and tonic with my name on it :) I'll bring my camera and take a bunch of pictures actually. Then probably wander over to the harpoon for some drinks. Don't worry, I am *not*