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Jul 4, 2009 11:03 PM

new (food-centric) happy hour choices?

In the new world of austerity . . . any suggestions for good happy hours -- emphasis on quality food, good wine/cocktails. Not "scene," but just pleasant places to enjoy best of Austin with some economic relief.

We've recently tried Garrido's: respectable, very pleasant locale, if somewhat limited menu options. Also, Max's Wine Dive. Very good menu, good wine choices (albeit with a wine menu somewhat hard to navigate). Other suggestions?

(btw, new poster, recently arrived in Austin, frecently from northern and then southern California). Searing hot doesn't detract from the pleasure of being part of great community. Happy, always, to hear new things about our new home!)

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  1. Try Malaga for tapas happy hour. Good HH prices and overall good food, I like the options available with having "little dishes."

    1. welcome!

      i loooooooooooove happy hours.
      not sure where you are located, but i am an uptown girl (northwest).
      i tend to frequent eddy v's north location for their sunday/monday HH.
      the 1/2 priced oysters and ahi app are my faves, and a few servers have commented that those are the best value.

      recently, we tried freda's seafood grille, which was pretty good.
      their HH menu is not online, but it's a decent selection of their dinner apps.
      we shared crab stuffed avo, oysters, seafood stuffed mushrooms, and spinach/artichoke dip.

      recently, we had HH at momiji and were really impressed with the prices and value.
      we shared chicken katsu, stuffed avocado, fried spring rolls, and 4 maki rolls for $21!
      fri-sat, they have $3 roll and app specials.
      sun-thurs, they have 1/2 sushi selections.

      here is one link for now, as i am not on my home computer:

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