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Jul 4, 2009 08:23 PM

Mr. Bill's is on vacation. 2nd best for crabs?

we'd been planning to go to mr. bill's terrace and just found that they're closed for a week for vacation. in baltimore, or along I-95, what's the next best bet for a great baltimore crab house?

costa's, duda's, schultz's? enlighten me. we're looking for the real thing, nothing fancy, just great crabs and crabcakes.

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  1. Duda's is not a crabhouse. You can get excellent crabcakes there, but not steamed crabs.

    1. I would go to the Sue Island Dock Bar or Costas.

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        I would go to Costas. It was my go-to crab joint before I discovered Mr. Bills.

        I wasn't terribly impressed with Sue Island's crabs. Not awful, not light, but I think the spice mix was a bit too heavy on the salt. I recall Costas having a more sophisticated coating.

      2. Anyone have opinions on Reters in Reisterstown?