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Jul 4, 2009 07:40 PM

The Great Dairy Dilemma

Sorry for the dramatic title.
I'm going to Hokkaido for 10 days in the middle of Aug. I'm really excited to experience its culinary bounty. And having lived in Kyoto for a little over a year now, I'm especially excited to finally get my hands on some decent dairy.
So the question is; Can anyone recommend any meccas of milk, capitals of cultured curds?

I'm pretty much determined to stay out of the big cities and stick to towns and the countryside but I can be swayed. Also, if you know of any other foodie treasure troves that you simply cant keep to yourself, I would delight in hearing about them.


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  1. I lived in Hokkaido for 6 months and, as much as it is a beautiful place, I hate to say it (I can't believe I am about to type this!!) but the greatest variety of Hokkaido daity products that I found was..........(wish I could type this then delete it immediately!) at Chitose airport, where they will pack it in ice for you, along with a couple of crabs, some ikura and maybe uni too! Hire a car when you get there and visit little towns for great ice cream, cheesecake etc and amazing seafood, but you really can't beat the airport for variety and ease of transporting the food....

    1. Before our trip to Hokkaido we were told that we had to try their milk. Not knowing were to go we bought and drank small glass bottles from the refrigerated section of our hotel sundry store during our stay. The clerk said it was from a Hokkaido dairy. Tasted almost cream-like unlike the watered down stuff we get back at home.