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Jul 4, 2009 07:05 PM

Top 5 resturants where you can wear jeans and t-shirt.

My friends are coming into town for my birthday next week and we probably wont feel like going home and changing before dinner. We will probably be dressed fairly casually.

What are the best restaurants in Manhattanwhere where dress code is not really an issue, price in not a concern.

Some places i have been wanting to try out: WD-50, Craft, Scarpetta, Sushi Yasuda...

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  1. I can confirm that WD-50, Craft and Yasuda are fine with casual garb and are all excellent restaurants. I've been with friends whose idea of dressing up is putting on a clean t-shirt and they were as graciously treated as anyone else. I have not been to Scarpetta.

    I don't think dress codes are a problem at most Manhattan restaurants, and as a very general rule, downtown restaurants are more low-key in this respect than midtown or uptown places -- though there are lots of exceptions, of course. So it might be easier for you to pick your top five restaurants based on other factors that are important to you (cuisine, ambiance, geography) and then cull any that have dress codes. All that said, you might feel more comfortable at many if you go "nerd casual", as my little brother would describe it (i.e. a polo shirt or button-down shirt with jeans / a sports jacket with jeans).

    Of the better-known, good restaurants, EMP, Le Bernardin, Daniel and Per Se do have official dress codes, so you probably want to avoid those.

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      If by "official dress code" you mean "jacket required, EMP does not require a jacket as the others you list do. At lunch at EMP, you can get away with jeans and t-shirt, but at dinner, they would be inappropriate.

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        You're right: EMP is "jacket preferred".

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          Actually, not even "jacket preferred." The website states the following: "We ask that you wear proper attire. No shorts, t-shirts, or sneakers are allowed." As I said, they don't hold strictly to that at lunch since I have seen t-shirts -- and also sneakers.

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          Jean Georges is Jacket required btw. However, I've eaten at Marea with a golf shirt and jeans with no problem at all.
          I've eaten at Jung Sik wearing jeans, no problem.
          Kyo Ya no problem
          15 East no problem
          Osteria Morini
          WD 50 ( you already mentioned, very casual)
          Aqua Grill wear whatever you want
          Brushstroke wearing jeans is fine
          Hakkasan doesn't seem to have any dress code( although I haven't eaten there yet, but i'll be wearing jeans today)

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Some people are traveling and don't want to pack fancy clothes for a single fancy dinner. Others may not own fancy clothes. Both Momofuku Ko and Blanca are perfect for jeans/t-shirts. (Oops-Blanca is in Brooklyn).

        2. I had a fabulous jeans-and-a-t-shirt meal at ABC Kitchen last week!

          1. EDIT - just realized how dated the thread was after posting. deleting response.

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              This thread was resurrected by someone today, but the CH moderator deleted the post. My reply of today was in response to the deleted post.