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Jul 4, 2009 06:53 PM

Need Orlando Advice!

We are headed to Orlando June 18-25 and would appreciate any additional input. We have compiled the following list:

Black Olive
Chef's Table at Edgewater
K Restaurant & Wine Bar
Ravenous Pig (already have reservations)

Breakfast-First Watch, Florida Waffle Shop, Le Peep, White Wolf Cafe
Indian-Memories of India, Tabla, Udipi Cafe
Middle Eastern-Bosphorous
Soul/Southern-Johnson's Diner, Mama Nems
Sushi-Sushi Tomi, Seito Sushi
Vegan/Raw-Cafe 118
Vietnamese-Vinh's, Lac Viet, Ba Le Bakery for Banh Mi

We would love any gelato recommendations and a breakfast joint that has a nice variety of eggs benedict (our favorite local joint has like ten different benedicts.) Obviously this is a long list for one week, so let us know your must haves. Much thanks.

-Leilani and Richard

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  1. EDIT: Oops, thought that said July, guess I missed the boat. Well, I'll leave this post for posterity I suppose.

    For Indian, I would personally put Woodlands right behind Memories of India and scratch Udipi Cafe, which is South Indian food but not as good as Woodlands. I haven't been to Tabla but it's North Indian food similar to Memories of India. Memories of India also has an all-you-can eat/drink champagne brunch on Sunday.

    For Sushi, I would scratch Seito and hit up Shin Sushi just north of Downtown Orlando. It doesn't get a lot of publicity and the menu doesn't rely on as many varieties of deepfried and mayonnaise coated rolls, but the fish is the freshest of any place I've been to in Orlando. I go there quite regularly. I would also add Hanamizuki which is a very cool Japanese restaurant and has a much more authentic menu than anything else in Orlando.

    For vegetarian, I would add Infusion Tea. Well, only if you love tea as well. Note that they give free refills on the ice tea of the day, a fact that I don't think is displayed anywhere. Bonus, they have locally made gelato!

    Bosphorus is a great choice if you want kebabs. If you're looking for other Middle Eastern fare, you might want to check out Cedar's, which to be honest is a bit overpriced, but I haven't found anywhere else in Orlando that's better sit down dinner fare. If you can make it over to Tony's Deli during lunch, though, you can get some very good food at a very reasonable price.

    Anyway, probably the best suggestion I could make to you if you're here for a whole week, and if you have the mobility, is to spend a day in Tampa. It's a two-hour drive but totally worth it if you're really into food. When I have guests come to town, I love taking them to Tampa.

    Bonus, Datz Deli in Tampa has four different kinds of benedicts (I think you have to go on the weekend for brunch), including one with lump crab that is amazing! Also if you do take my advice and head to Tampa, do yourself a favor and hit up Yummy House for some really great authentic Chinese food. They also have a better selection of Ethiopian restaurants than Orlando if you're really set on Ethiopian.

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    1. re: bizzy_geek are correct, we will be heading that way July 18-25. Shin was actually second on our list behind Sushi Tomi, followed by Sakura. Hanamizuki was also on the list for the comprehensive Japanese experience.

      I took a quick peek at Cedar's and may have to give it another once over.

      We may actually shoot over to Tampa, so thanks for the recommendations. So much for saving money with our Florida "staycation." :)

    2. Please note correction- we will be in Orlando July 18-25 and, again, thanks for the input!

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      1. re: chamorrolei

        We dined at Todd English's "Blue Zoo" in the Dolphin hotel at Disney last weekend and it was outstanding. Things started off a little bumpy (service wise) and quickly righted themselves and the food was outstanding. Wrote a review if you back a few days. This was a very, very nice night out!

        The Ravenous Pig is awesome!


      2. I have not been to Johnson's Diner but definitely recommend Mama Nem's. Their pork shoulder, meat loaf, turkey wing, etc are amazing and their sides are huge. Its a great value for the price.

        If you get Indian, try to go during lunch because thats when its 1. cheap 2. and endless buffet. At night its expensive! for less! =(

        I like Seito sushi alot, maybe try Sakura sushi in Winter Park? They have some creative rolls and are delicious, you can take a walk down Park Ave afterwards as well.

        I actually just went to Ba Le the other day and it definitely has great banh mi but don't expect great ambiance ;) Lac Viet also is a great choice.

        Have fun!