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Jul 4, 2009 06:46 PM

July 4th Celebrations

As the traffic is kinda' slow on the NOLA board, I will have to assume that everyone is having a great time with appropriate Summer food.

Hope that it's safe, fun and includes plenty of wonderful food!


PS planning a non-NOLA meal with great wines, as neither of us plans on driving even to the end of the street. Sorry that you guys are hotter than us in AZ.

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  1. worked it...turned about 150 covers which I thought was fairly large for the 4th...

    drinking an albarino as it's still 88 outside and it felt like a refreshing choice

    1. We might have been back in Baltimore but we ate like we were in NOLA... home-made shrimp remoulade (with mexican street-style corn):

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        i could eat that corn every day. did you use parm cheese and sour cream? i've had it many ways w/mayo and springle cheese and other toppings.

        1. re: edible complex

          We did mayo, parm, fresh lime juice and cayenne pepper. It's so good...

          Tonight: more corn and baked creole catfish.

          1. re: kukubura

            FYI: All this great NOLA food inspired my gal to finally start a food blog. She kicked it off with the recipes for the corn and the shrimp remoulade. Hopefully some of our friends who think that cooking great food is too complicated will give some of these recipes a chance.

            Here it is:
            (and yes that's Mr. B's shrimp in the profile pic)

      2. Here in next door Mississippi we went to a barbeque, even tho' it was storming.
        Weather cleared in time to see the Biloxi fireworks.

        1. We had dinner on Lake Pontchartrain with my dad and stepmom. The scenery and food were great. After dinner we went down to the dock to check for crabs on the lines left by crabbers. There were a few, just not too big.

          1. Happy belated 4th! We celebrated with BBQ shrimp, macque choux w tasso (thanks for the recipe EC!!) Abita beer, strawberries with cream, then headed out to our boat for a firework's celebration. A very NOLA meal. Had a fabulous time roughing it at our camp! Just got back from was brutal hiking up Camelback in this heat!

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            1. re: ScarlettNola

              I thought that looked familiar.

              Sounds great everyone. Some years, I really miss the Gulfport, MS Fishing Rodeo on the 4th. This year, we had some other issues, and I did not have time to think about various July 4th celebrations on either the Coast, or in NOLA. Still, my heart was with you all.

              We ended up doing some smoked salmon, Brussels sprouts and new potatoes, and a Domaine Serene '02 Yamhill Vineyard Pinot Noir. There had to be something else in the meal, but it must not have registered with me.


              PS I have to say thanks to CH for being my "therapy" lately. In the last four weeks I've had some wonderul highs, but also some horrible lows. Were I to have an analyst, he/she'd have gone crazy. If I have been curt, or cranky, I am sorry. Those were the lows. You guys have been great, and I appreciate it. Happy 4th and a great '09.


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                Same to you-always good to hear from you! Here's to a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2009 to all!

                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  Hi Bill, hope you're feeling consistently better. I got so cranky up and down that they put me on Prozac. I'm pretty levelled out and happy now. They had the fishing rodeo at Point Cadet this year (it was rained out Sat., but otherwise it was great). People seemed to like it better there than in Gulfport.