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Jul 4, 2009 06:14 PM

Bovril in Edmonton

Does anyone know where to get Bovril (the spread for toast) in Edmonton?

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  1. Maybe the British Import shop in WEM? I got Paxo there.

    Their # is 780.443.3465

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    1. re: Bryn

      If you are in the east end, there is a butcher shop in Sherwood Park who carries many British products (Butcher Block beside the Home Depot on Baseline road). If he does not have it, I suspect he can get it.

      1. re: foodiesnorth

        Thanks. The British shop in WEM doesn't carry it, but I will try the Sherwood Park option.

    2. try chinatown grocery store. Most Chinese grocery store will carry those.

      1. The Stadium Save-On (82 St and 112 Ave) has it on the bottom shelf under all the soup stocks and bouillon cubes. They always have Marmite in stock, too, and Lyle's golden syrup.

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          I'm pretty sure you're talking about the ones that come in a squeeze brown bottle, which is not what we're looking for.

          The one we're looking for has a molasses consistency. A picture of it is posted below.

        2. You mean "Johnston's Fluid Beef'"? on Chowhound? :-)

          1. Success!!! Bovril & its counterpart Marmite can be found at:

            Jacaranda Imports
            3018A - 106 Street
            Edmonton, AB


            It says right on their website that they sell Bovril & Marmite when you check out the "Spreads" section description under the site map link.

            Definitely call before heading in, because they have the weirdest store hours I've ever seen; only open 3 days a week from 11am to 5pm on Wed, Fri & Sat. I'll be going there this weekend, I'll report back!

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              No Frills in Leduc sells Marmite. I just bought a few jars of it.

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                Marmite is easy to get around here. Most Save-Ons have it (they stock it with the peanut butter).

                I grew up using Bovril as a broth base but would never put it on toast. That's what Marmite's for! We used to get English relatives to bring us big cans of Bovril when they came to visit.

                Jacaranda sounds kind of fun, but man, what a crap website.