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Jul 4, 2009 04:55 PM

Looking For Cheap Cold Cuts, Etc.


First time posting. Years ago I was able to get good lox at Danish American Farms for a ridiculously low price. Wham! No more Danish American Farms.

For years now I've been going to a market at Burbank & Whitsett in the valley for very good cold cuts (tasty Russian & French ham, mesquite turkey, cheeses, etc.) at ridiculously low prices and wham! Place goes Kosher. Doesn't sell the ham, prices are up, etc., etc.

Does anybody know of any markets/deli's that sell ham, turkey, etc., in the $2.99 to $4.99 per pound price range? And, if you know where I can get good cheap lox (not lox trimmings), I'd be interested in that well.

It's taken me most of my adult life to rebound from the loss of clear Nesbitt's Cream Soda in the bottle and Danish American Farms, and now this!

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  1. Check out Jon's Market, particularly the one on Sepulveda at Sherman Way. Excellent deli with great selection and prices. The same is true of their produce.

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      Enthusiastic second for Jon's. They are quite a great supermarket with lots of yummy extras you'll be pleasantly surpised to find.

      We shop at both the Hollywood & Vermont and La Brea near Santa Monica locations (H&V is definitely better IMO) and they have a really good deli with great prices. We wind up spending half our shopping trip there. The Russian Pitt ham is generally about $3.99 (lower on sale) and is very good. We regularly also get pastrami, various salamis (they have many on hand), and various deli cheeses, too. They also have packaged ethnic goodies (I love that we can get Hungarian bacon and sausage without a special trip), a good selection of fresh fetas, olives, and noshes, as well as pickled green tomatoes.

      Also, they have pretty damn good Armenian coffee, which you can get either whole bean or ground fresh for under $3/lb.

    2. Valley Produce on Vanowen at Reseda is ridiculously cheap. I shop here every week for produce. They have a cold cut section that regularly puts cold cuts on sale ($2.99/lb for hams, cheeses, etc.) They are mostly a middle-eastern type place and have a huge variety of olives and about 4 or 5 different types of feta cheese alone. Their produce, tho is what they are known for. I regularly get italian parsley, cilantro, green onions for 10 cents, armenian cucumber for around 50 cents a pound, this week's special is 10 lb bag of potatoes for 99 cents, etc. Lots of types of rice, pita breads, bulk dried beans, bulk spices. This place is GREAT for bargain hunters, but beware that it's always crowded and customers can be pushy and it is NO frills whatsoever.

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        The prices sound amazing... but how is the quality?

        Produce isn't a bargain if it's not good.

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          Well, I've never had a complaint from my friends or family and I've been buying produce from there for over 8 years now. Since it's SO busy, there is a fast turnover of food, believe me, so that tells me that it's good. I have a feeling that a lot of smaller restaurants buy their supplies from there because i see people buying bags and bags of items there . Fruits are almost always sweet (I am regularly disappointed with the quality of big grocery chains like Ralphs for produce, plus Ralphs charges way too much for produce that is less than par IMHO) , veggies are not always cosmetically perfect, but to me that matters not ... I'll admit that I have not bought a lot of cold cuts there, but it's usually because I forget that they sell them.

          When I can get to farmer's markets, I buy there because I do believe in supporting the local farmers, but for the rest of the week, it's Valley produce