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Jul 4, 2009 04:48 PM

Destination eats

The is the beginning of my second summer in Boston, and last year I didn't do much because I was still getting my bearings. This year, I would really like to take my car and explore different areas ..... to eat!
I tend to get out and about on Saturdays- and my home base is in Somerville. Today I went to Watertown and tried Uncommon Grounds and then explored that area a little; I finally got to Mt. Auburn cemetery! I'll have to go back soon so I can try Sofra and Deluxe Town Diner though.
Fancy schmancy isn't really my style (or in my budget), which is why I'm looking for lunch, breakfast and bakery/cafe types. I'm willing to travel; but a couple of hours is really my limit!
I want to to go Bridgewater next and try Montreal French Fries, then I was thinking Belmont to try Vicki Lee's; but I would like to have more than one reason to head out...
Any other suggestions?


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  1. It's ( finally ) summer...go 45 minutes up 93 to 95 to 128 and have a lobster roll at the Lobster Pool in Rockport and sit nearly in the water or grab a sandwich at Virgillios in Gloucester and sit by the harbor

    1. Woodman's, the Clam Shack, Santarpio's (if you haven't made it to Eastie yet). Any of the ice cream places like Richardson's.

      1. I'd recommend Dolce Fredo Gelato in Methuen and George's Coney Island Hot Dogs and El Basha in Worcester. If you want a 90 minute drive, try Rein's Deli in Vernon CT or their new branch in West Springfield, Massachusetts. For slightly closer destinations, there are a number of great places in Framingham, including several Brazilian bakeries, Sichuan Gourmet and Oga's.

        A few other closer places of note might include Cabot's in Newton, Fuloon in Malden and Mike's Roast Beef in Everett.

        1. Wow, I would not agree with a few of the recs so far.

          Rein's Pastrami not worth a 1 hour drive, love Virgilio's and the Lobster Pool.

          Woodmans, No, Santarpio's not really though the old school vibe is almost worth it alone.

          South American food in Eastie, various locals, Rincon Limeno for sure.

          Yoma, Yi Soon, Super88 food court, Jo Jo Taipei.

          Yes to all the others. I would also add chowhounding at SE asian places in Cranston, RI.

          Definitely hit as many Brazilian Bakeries in Framingham Somerville or Allston.

          North End: Modern, Galleria Umberton, Maria's, Regina.

          Fuloon, big yes and well as Richardson's though their ice cream is available at the Somerville theater if you want to save a drive.

          Tabrizi bakery watertown.

          Deluxe diner, good pancakes, but that's all.

          The Bakery whose name eludes me in Newburyport, or Clearflour or hi rise or Iggy's.

          Sofra, tasty, but a bit pretentious and $$.

          I live right near vicki Lee's and seldom go. Right across the street is Ohlin's old school with a few good items.

          For donuts a BIG yes to Verna's and a smaller yes to Linda's in Watertown.

          Arax and Sevan.

          The Clam box or Essex Seafood or the Lobstaland.

          Guru the Caterer.

          Blue Ribbon, simply great, Toraya, great, Kathmandu Spice great.

          Peabody: O'Fado and the Portugese bakery on the same street.

          Etc. etc. That ought to hold you. Addresses for all these should be easy to google.

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          1. re: StriperGuy

            Rein's Pastrami is definitely worth an hour drive, but their whitefish salad is worth at least a two hour drive! =) Fortunately, they are only 90 minutes away.

            1. re: lipoff

              To each his own. I fervently disagree with regard to Rein's. Having had a nice pastramela at Katz's on Friday Reins is not a particularly noteworthy rendition. No better certainly then Lagrassa in downtown Boston. Whitefish salad, buy whitefish at Berezka make a better version yourself, and save a 90 minute drive.

              1. re: StriperGuy

                I agree that Katz' is better, but while I really do like Sam Lagrassa's, I find Rein's pastrami to be more flavorful and certainly different, although I don't like their rye bread.

                I've only made the drive to Rein's only once just for Rein's and back, but I do stop there basically everytime I drive back from New York for their whitefish salad, pastrami and mushroom barley soup (which you can buy frozen). The chocolate covered orange peel in their candy case is also extremely good.

                For local whitefish salad, I go to the Walnut Street Market in Newton Highlands, which also has Montreal smoked meat now.

                1. re: lipoff

                  On the way to NYC, sure, it's better than fast food, but in my mind NO WAY worth a 1.5 hour drive exclusively for their chow.

          2. Newburyport is a nice destination. Easy to find parking, different shops, very walkable. Plum Island is a short drive away from the downtown.

            The bakery, Annarosa?, is in The Tannery which is on the road to Plum Island. I like getting lunch to go at Purple Onion and sitting outside and watching the people while I eat.

            Not long before you hit Plum Island is Bob's Lobster.

            There have been posts about other restaurants in Newburyport so you can do a search.

            Porstmouth, NH is also a pleasant destination. Check out the New England board for recs on where to eat.