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Jul 4, 2009 04:04 PM

Dark chocolate cocoa..where are you?

I was wondering has anyone run across dark chocolate cocoa? and if so, where did you find it ?
(somewhere in Toronto would be key but as long as not to far it is still good )
I know it exists but I have not yet found it.

where I have checked (only one location of):
bulk barn

and not one of them had it, so I thought I would come and ask if anyone has found it.

Thanks in advance

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  1. You are leading us astray.

    Cocoa is a commodity, neither light or dark, but a bitter powder that can be used to make light or dark chocolate, depending on how much you use.

    There is no dark chocolate cocoa, except in packages, with dried milk and sugar, and the usual food chemist's soup, that borrow the term "cocoa". Godiva has one.

    1. Ghiradelli and Cocoa Camino (fair trade and organic) both make a dark chocolate hot chocolate mix (which is what I assume you're looking for). I've bought both at Bruno's on Avenue Rd. I've also bought the Cocoa Camino brand at Fresh From the Farm on Donlands. I prefer the Cocoa Camino.

      1. Don't worry you're not leading anyone astray, there is an extra dark cocoa powder and it's available at McCall's Baker's warehouse. Near Kipling and Bloor, I'd call ahead first, I bought mine at the wholesale location, but they should have some there. My guess is this is what you are looking for, stay away from both the ghiradelli and cocoa camino, they are not that good. Callebaut cocoa would be the most reasonable. But anyways for the dark cocoa, I'd call there, but it's probably not the best cocoa, good for homemade oreos though.

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          thanks, I have been looking for an excuse to go there

        2. Here's a photo of what I have.

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            Anahnamus: I mentioned McCall's being quite far from me, but did you mean the product you pictured above is not that great?

          2. King Arthur Flour has a product called black cocoa and it may be what you want. I have bought it to make extra dark baked goods i.e. world peace cookies, chocolate sandwich cookies and dark chocolate crackles. Use it just like regular cocoa powder and admire the wonderful dark color. They also have a "dark dutch" that you might want to purchase for the occasion when you need the dutch processed cocoa powder. See if either of these are what you're looking for.

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              King Arthur products are available in Canada as of right now. I think the products are one in the same though

              1. re: Anahnamus

                Who has KA flour? If it is an online order from Vermont, it is expensive, with border problems, and reports of really poor packaging.