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Jul 4, 2009 03:36 PM

Martha's Vineyard - romantic and good food

This year we have a babysitter (friends) for our toddler. My husband and I would like to have a nice meal out. We are looking for a romantic non-touristy destination. (not a fried fish place) We are staying Upper Island and would prefer to stay in that area. Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Your location (up island) limits you somewhat, but the few places that fit your needs are among the best on the Vineyard! My two suggestons would be the Beach Plum Inn in Menemsha (Chilmark) and the Outermost Inn in Aquinnah. They are similar, with pretty settings, great views, quaint dining rooms, outstanding service and first rate food. They do a lot with priced fixed menus, so both really require reserevations in season. If forced to choose one I would go with Beach Plum just because I have eaten there more recently, but either is really first rate. I believe both have web sites too. Remember to bring your own wine.

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    1. I just realized....I believe Outermost obtained a liquor license a few years ago, so no worry about BYOB there.

      1. Not sure where you are staying up island but I can also recommend a very romantic place for dinner and amazing food, the Lambert's Cove Inn. It is a favorite for anniversaries and birthdays, as are the 2 that thos mentioned. It's in West Tisbury, off of Lambert's Cove Road.

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