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Jul 4, 2009 03:34 PM

boneless chicken best to cook??

I love boneless chicken breasts, but every time I sautee them, they turn rubbery. I don't have a grill, so that's not an option. I would like to make tender boneless breasts that I can toss into dishes - asian, italian - but I really have no clue how to cook them properly. Any one have any suggestions?

Thanks and happy July 4th!

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      1. You may want to try poaching them - that's what I do for chicken salad.

        1. Here's what I learned by trial and error. Make sure your chicken breasts are dry before cooking. That is, pat them dry with a paper towel before adding to the skillet. And use just a little oil (I use olive) to sauté them in, not a whole lot.

          Though living solo, I buy family size trays of chicken breasts when they're on sale, then freeze them in separate plastic zip bags. However, I'd notice fresh meat would cook better than the thawed, which would turn rubbery. Finally figured out it was due to the excess water from being in the freezer. Water and cooking oil don't seem to mix.

          1. A Calphalon grill pan is perfect for making "grilled chicken" for salads. Also, poaching them in various liquids help keep them moist. Sounds like you're overcooking them...check out poaching or stovetop grilling times online -- keeping in mind that if your chicken breasts are what I call Frankenchicken breasts, they'll take longer to cook...and sometimes it's better to cut them in half lengthwise to make them more even in thickness.