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Jul 4, 2009 03:14 PM

Best Donuts in Houston?

I'm a big donut fan, and would love to see what donut shops (besides your typical Dunkin', Krispy Kreme, and Shipley's variety) I should visit in Houston.

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  1. I like Shipley's fresh hot glazed and their chocolate filled. Krispy Kreme left town, and the last time I went to Duncan's it was terrible. I've heard Christi's on W. Gray is very good. All this being said, I haven't had a donut in over a year.

    1. Boy, that is a lot to ask, as there are small donut shops all over Houston, and we have no idea what part of Houston you live in. If you are that big a donut fan you just need to canvas your area and try each one out. I looked on B4-U-Eat and they have 55 donut shops listed, but I could think of a bunch that they don't even have! In our area, Oak Forest - near Northwest - just outside the Loop, we like Mary Lee's on Ella (but each is independently owned so it varies from one to another), Charlies Donuts on 43rd, and Simply Donuts on T C Jester. I think that Simply Donuts has the largest variety if you are counting all the sausage stuffed "kolaches" and breakfast sandwiches, but lots of donuts ans pastries, too. I have had donuts and kolaches from Christies, too, and yes, they are good. But, like James, I haven't had a donut in forever! But I can at least say I have had one, sometime in the past, from each of these places!

      1. Christy's is the class of Houston.

        That being said, Houston has nothing on New England for donuts.

          1. DON"T EAT at this Shipleys! Bought dz kolaches and donuts for a week-end visit with my son. Ate a few,refrigerated overnight next morning when pinching a corner to determine the kind, a big bug was found baked into the kolache. Makes me queezy now thinking what we may have eaten in other products we bought Yea, yea things happen but to me this is an indication that quality control is MISSING! Will NEVER open the door of another Shipleys anywhere and will tell all I know.

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            1. re: Judysfinds

              It is possible for that kind of thing to happen just about anywhere. That's why Marvin Zindler had a job for so long. That said, I can understand why you choose not to go back & everyone is entitled to their opinion.

              Ive been to various Shipley shops about twice a month over the last 25 years & have never had anything like this happen. They are still my favorite for donuts.

              1. re: DaTulip

                Not critizing all Shipleys just the only one of my experience, Hwy 6. Any restaurant, chain or not, is only as good as it's management. I've eaten in Vietnam, China,outback Australia, Thailand and never got any bugs unless I ordered them. Yep each to his own to decide.