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Jul 4, 2009 01:58 PM

3 Courses - up to $100/head - Toronto

Based on the following criteria, where would you recommend?

*3 courses for no more than $100 (including tip, but not including wine)
*no dietary restrictions, but prefer lighter food, as it will be summer
*prefer the idea of nouveau cuisine/fusion/chef's own creations/whatever you wanna call it
*would also consider Japanese, or any cuisine specific to Toronto/Ontario//Canada
*it's all about the food - not the location or atmosphere
*proximity to The Drake an advantage, but not a necessity...

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      OK - should I worried that...

      *Canoe is in a tower ("if the restaurant's revolving, the food is revolting")
      *Truffles is in a hotel

      1. re: Onara

        Canoe is NOT one of those revolving/revolting places...just a very high calibre fine dining restaurant that happens to be located on top of one of the downtown bank towers...lovely space, lovely food and super view.

        Truffles is also not your typical hotel restaurant but for my money I'd go with Canoe...have had a number of super lunches and dinners there in the past year.

        1. re: Onara

          Canoe was rated top Restaurant in 2009 by Toronto Life! Now that Splendido is closed, Canoe should remain in top spot for a while! Foodwise, IMHO, its better than any recommendations made on this board , so far!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            I agree with Charles re: Canoe... but Truffles is not good at all; I'd rather eat somewhere else.

            1. re: tjr

              Yes! Truffles, depending on the current chef, can be quite inconsistent at times. When they are good, they can be very good! but when they are off?! ...... No comment! Ha! Kind of a shame for a Fourseasons flagship restaurant. Too many chef changing hands IMO. Its not like that elsewhere?! Hong Kong, Tokyo, NYC etc

      2. Lee Restaurant 603 king st west at portland. Tapas style asian fusion (cliche much?) but delicious, and you can dine for under 100$ with multiple courses, deserts and wine. always a staple place for me especially with a large group.

        Odd fellows - 936 queen street west ( a little more avant (i believe the space is also used as a design gallery) but the food is legit and you could eat for under 100 in 3 courses.

        Pizza Libretto- foxley and ossington a little trendy and they don't take reso's but there's lot's of places in the area to get a drink while you wait and the pizza's are unreal. tiramisu dessert is awesome as is there fried calamari. kind of a modern spin on the classic red sauce italian pizzeria. also could squeeze in under 100 per person with wine.

        also the drake hotel has a restaurant that isn't ridiculously expensive and the food is great although the service is hit and miss.

        hope that serves you well and enjoy your stay in the big smoke.

        1. Mildred Pierce Temple Kitchen is a good choice, very close.

          1. Thank you!

            Lee looks ideal, as do Oddfellows and Temple Kitchen

            How far in advance would I need to book to get a table at Canoe?

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            1. re: Onara

              Canoe is only open M-F, keep that in mind, with Friday night being the busiest.

              1. re: aser

                Would I get a table for one on short notice, do you think (like - that day)?

                Or should I book ahead?

                1. re: Onara

                  For sure you should book might get lucky waiting but I wouldn't chance it...enjoy...

            2. If you prefer he idea of "nouveau cuisine" and want something totally original, then I'd suggest Colborne Lane. Although, you'd probably need 4 courses (if you include desert) to be full, but you could fit that within the $100.