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Jul 4, 2009 01:55 PM

What soup to serve with reubens?

I think my reubens for tomorrow night will need a soup accompaniment, but I don't know what kind. Ideas?

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  1. soup? really? not my first thought in the middle of Summer. normally with a reuben i'd say chicken noodle or matzo ball :) but given the season, how about a cold soup? borscht, gazpacho, or cucumber...?

      1. How about a homemade tomato soup? Or a basic fresh vegetable soup?

        (Personally, I like nice quick soup and sandwich combos during the summer, if it is indeed summer where you are! They're usually fast, filling and involve little cleanup.....)

        1. A lentil soup goes very well with reubens.

          1. Cream of potato, cream of carrot. I also like the lentil idea.