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What soup to serve with reubens?

I think my reubens for tomorrow night will need a soup accompaniment, but I don't know what kind. Ideas?

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  1. soup? really? not my first thought in the middle of Summer. normally with a reuben i'd say chicken noodle or matzo ball :) but given the season, how about a cold soup? borscht, gazpacho, or cucumber...?

      1. How about a homemade tomato soup? Or a basic fresh vegetable soup?

        (Personally, I like nice quick soup and sandwich combos during the summer, if it is indeed summer where you are! They're usually fast, filling and involve little cleanup.....)

        1. A lentil soup goes very well with reubens.

          1. Cream of potato, cream of carrot. I also like the lentil idea.

            1. We never stop eating soup, no matter the weather (thank God for a/c).
              I second the potato soup, served hot or cold.

              1. Here is an easy quick, very healthy soup which I love. Light not too heavy and a great taste with the reuben.

                1 qt of chicken stock or broth, homemade if you have it.
                3 very large potatoes, peeled and rough chopped
                1 large carrot, peeled and rough chopped
                1 medium onion peeled and rough chopped
                1 bay leaf
                1 tablespoon fresh parsley
                1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
                s/p to taste
                1 cup heavy cream
                3 slices of bacon diced and pan sauteed

                In a large pot, add the stock, veggies and cook until tender. Remove a few potato pieces to add back to the soup before you blend. Also remove the bay leaf. Use an immersion blender and puree until smooth. Add the cream and seasoning and cook on medium until everything is warm. Add the chunks of potato back in. Top with bacon. It isn't very thick, if you like thicker you can add a little corn starch or flour, but I love the consistency as is. It is just a nice light soup for the summer.

                My other would be a roasted tomato soup. Garlic, roasted reds, onion, celery, roasted tomatoes, broth or stock, cream and fresh basil and parsley.

                My last is a creamy roasted onion soup. Roasted onions and fennel, sherry wine, cream, garlic and lots of fresh thyme, s/p, etc.

                1. Sweet and sour cabbage soup
                  I made this last week. It goes well IMHO with the Reuben.

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                    Sorry ph, too much cabbage for me. Already in the soup and I do love cabbage, Need something to compliment it. No offense. I love sweet and sour cabbage soup.

                    1. re: kchurchill5

                      Hey kchurch. It's cool. Maybe if cabbage was the secret ingredient on Iron Chef it would work for you. I sometimes like to do a theme of complementary same ingredients. I know and respect your always wonderful suggestions.

                      Edit: I would like a side of coleslaw too.

                      1. re: phantomdoc

                        I agree, I sometimes do the same theme type of food. Just too much for me, sorry. But I love soup and love cabbage too.

                        And I would love a secret ingredient of cabbage, lol

                        It is a good selection, just not for me, but good stuff.

                    2. re: phantomdoc

                      Excellent suggestion - to complement the kraut element in the Reuben. In hot weather, a cream soup or hearty soup is way too heavy for a hearty sandwich, IME. Non-creamed tomato soup would do, as well.

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                        When I think of a Reuben I think of a deli meal and I wouldn't like a cream soup. A slightly sour soup that phantomdoc would really cut through the richness of a Reuben. I think this is better suggestion than a creamed soup.

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                          I would enjoy the sweet and sour soup but definitely NOT with a reuben. I would like something creamy to meld with the deli meat. Sweet and sour although very could, wouldn't not work for me at all.

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                            Yeah, everyone knows that creamy soups pair best with meats...

                    3. We do a homemade versin of bean and bacon that would be great with reubens

                      1. I had some fresh garden tomatoes that needed to be worked with so I made a fresh tomato and basil soup. I was thinking about how good it would be to have a toasted piece of bread the size of the bottom of the bowl hanging out down there, and some gooey cheese, fontina would do, much like I do for French Onion. Then thinking about even more, a Rueben would be just marvelous to dunk into it. Now I'm longing for and regretting that I don't have a rueben sandwich to dunk into it, the flavors would be incredible. Next time.

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                          Chicklet; Seems to me a slice of pizza at the bottom of your soup would work too.

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                            ohhhhh you are absolutely right. Thanks for that idea!
                            this is what I did since I didn't have time or all the ingrediets for pizza.
                            I still think a rueben would do quite nicely too!

                        2. French Onion Soup and Reuben Sandwiches are my go-to dinner, any time of year!!