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Jul 4, 2009 01:40 PM

On the Way to Niagra

I am arriving at the Toronto airport late in the morning and driving to Niagra on the Lake wehre I have made dinner reservations at Peller and Stone Road Grille for the two night stay.

Has anyone got any thoughts about where I might stop for lunch on the way?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. NiagAra (forgot that A again! :) on the Lake is only about an hour from the airport. So it's not like you have a long road trip that you'll have to make it through. If you don't mind waiting until you get close to NOTL, you could stop and have a light lunch at Olson Foods at Ravine Winery. It's only a couple of kilometers once you take the exit (38B) from the QEW to NOTL. The setting is beautiful (up on the escarpment, overlooking the NOTL region), and the food is casual and mostly pretty tasty (the lemon squares are pretty incredible). It's another 15 - 20 minutes from Olson Foods to Old Town NOTL, if that helps to give you some context.

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      I don't know why I leave the "A" out of NiagAra. Is it really pronounced?

      Any thoughts on some fresh 'sparagus?

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        It's pronounced, but it's a pretty quiet "a". :)

        Whitty Farms has fresh asparagus right now, and would be a nice stop on your way to NOTL. They may still have strawberries in season, and their berries have been better than any of the other local berries I've tried so far (not a good year for strawberries). They also have some pretty delicious baked treats -- get some of the little strawberry rhubarb tarts if they have them. Note they're closed on Sundays.

      2. re: TorontoJo

        Hi Jo - really support your idea of visiting Olson's at Ravine. My SO and I were visiting the Shaw Festival on Thursday and dropped by a few wineries. Given Jacqueline's review of the Toronto Chowhound road trip, we decided to stop by the Olson's restaurant. (That and the fact we've done many cooking courses with Michael and Anna Olson).

        Menu is somewhat limited to salads and sandwiches but gourmet sandwiches and salads they are. SO had the oat salad... a different take of the traditional broccoli salad, with prairie oats. She loved it. Very flavourful. I had a really good roast beef panini. We both finished it off with a delectable lemon tart.

        Great recommendation. Excellent food. And to top it all off, both Michael and Anna were there. He recognized us from the cooking classes and we had a wonderful conversation with both of them. Really down to earth folks. This place should be on your must do list.

      3. The drive will be closer to 90 minutes, more if there is traffic. I would suggest August in Beamsville. It is just 5 munutes from the QEW. Make sure you exit at Ontario St. Beamsville (exit #64) not to be confused with the Ontario St. exit for Grimsby. NOTL is about 20 minutes from Beamsville.

        1. Henry of Pelham Winery is a nice detour for lunch.

          Henry Of Pelham
          469 Pelham Rd, St Catharines, ON L2S, CA