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Jul 4, 2009 01:18 PM

new york to emerald isle nc

driving to emerald NC from NYC... any recs for bbq or other... maybe seafood along the way???

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  1. Are you tied to a specific route or are you able to meander?

    1. kind of need to stay on 17N in NC...but would jump off and on....

      1. This post discusses some of the towns along and near Hwy. 17 through NC:

        1. Check the thread that bbqdawg linked to, it discusses most of what's worthwhile along or near that route. Some of the recs in that thread are only open on certain days though, so if you see something that grabs your interest, ask about it. Many things are closed on Sunday.

          If you're looking to try bbq, go to Pete Jones(aka Skylight Inn) in Ayden. You could take NC102 west and be there from 17S in about 20 minutes. Definitely worth it.

          Bill's in Washington is a well known hot dog place that uses a spicy, mustard based chili and is worth trying.

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