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Jul 4, 2009 01:17 PM

olive oil help

ok friends - after my (hopefully) last battle with making slightly-rancid olive oil not overpower a dish, can anyone give me any good suggestions for a good brand of olive oil to try...I guess I'm not looking for the most expensive thing on the market, but I'm finally ready to take things to the next level and buy a good quality, versatile olive oil that I can use for a variety of purposes in my home cooking

any good ideas? brands that you rely on? thanks, and happy 4th!

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  1. For regular olive oil, I do like Filippo Berio. For extra virgin, Goya is very good. There have been some threads on this topic that might also help you. Will try to find a few for you....

    1. Are they rancid when you open them or are you buying too much and not storing it correctly?

      1. Where do you keep your olive oil? In a cool, dark, dry place? It should last quite a while. I've never had olive oil go rancid on me, but I use a fair amount of it. How long do you keep a single bottle around?

        1. you can't ever make a rancid oil taste like anything other than rancid oil, nor can you mask the flavor. never, ever, ever use rancid oil.

          Check out the previous threads to which val has kindly provided links. buy small bottles of oil if you find your oil goes rancid before you use it all. air and light contribute to the speed of rancidity.

          I did a head to head taste test of goya (single source first cold pressed evoo) and filippo berio evoo (sourced from multiple countries) and we really prefer the taste of berio evoo, but its a matter of taste and budget. try a few at the grocery store. colavita and pompeiin (how is that spelled?) are two other generally available oils, but colavita costs more and isn't better than berio, and the other one which I can't spell is awful IMO.

          1. We use TJ's olive oil, don't use it particularly quickly, but have not had it go rancid.