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Jul 4, 2009 11:57 AM

El Coyote, dazzling new spot in JH

Went to El Coyote last evening and was dazzled by the ambiance, food and service. Fresh Mexican food, beautifully prepared and humongous portions. By far the prettiest spot in JH, with natural stone decor and modern lighting. The salsa with the free chips was fresh and flavorful and side orders of yellow rice and beans were artistically plated. Service was gracious and we received complimentary after dinner drinks. Highly recommended.

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  1. would you mind elaborating a little on what was good about the food itself?


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    1. re: david sprague

      El Coyote JH as opposed to El Coyote Jamaica? Can't we at least make restaurants in the same borough have different names? :) Personally I find it hard to believe El Coyote JH is better than El Coyote Jamaica but I'm listening.

      1. re: BigV

        I've never been to El Coyote Jamaica. But the one in JH has a sister restaurant in Connecticut where it has received very good local reviews. During my meal, I had some typical Mexican fare: Combo plates, stuffed poblano chilies, guac (prepared tableside). All food had fresh ingredients and was beautifully plated. This spot touts its sauces--from mole to verde to adobo--you can chose which you'd like with your main courses. Both the mole and adobo were tasty.

      1. re: rhydewithdis

        It's on Northern around 80th Street. Think they're open for lunch and dinner.

        1. re: rhydewithdis


          El Coyote
          80-18 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11372

        2. Do you know if this is connected with EL COYOTE 179th St-last stop on the F train.
          Their Lunch specials are absolutely greatest at reasonable price.
          I'l be thrilled if their good quality food is expanding. Viva Mexico!

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          1. re: micheal

            michael and BigV, that place on hillside is frickin' amazing, all of it. just good ol heaping piles of food, yucca fries, all that. probably not the same people tho.

            1. re: bigjeff

              Amen bigjeff. It's right there with De Mole as my favorite Mexican in Queens (honorable mention to Taqueria Coatzingo).

              1. re: bigjeff

                I'm in that area a lot. Do tell, Jeff, Big V, what's good at the Hillside location?

                1. re: Polecat

                  Seriously, El Coyote is one of my favorite restaurants in Queens. Everything I've tried is excellent but I'll list some here off the top of my head:

                  * table-side made guacamole (half the price of Rosa Mexicana but equally good)
                  * chicken quesadillas
                  * carne asada tacos
                  * pollo en salsa verde
                  * chicken mole (an excellent mole sauce and they use chicken breast rather than bone-in parts of the chicken which i personally prefer)
                  * good margaritas, frozen or otherwise
                  * arroz con pollo (good balance of flavors)
                  * very good desserts if you are still hungry (the tres leches cake and bueniullos or whatever the restaurant calls them are very good)

                  other people i have eaten with have enjoyed the extensive seafood options, including my parents who generally stick to Italian when they eat out- so it's high praise that they both enjoyed this place. My fiance was born in East LA so she's very picky about her Mexican, and even she loves El Coyote.

                  the prices are very reasonable, borderline cheap. even though i live in bayside, a couple of times a month i'll drive over for take out because it is the best mexican option anywhere close to me.

                  good service, F train takes you to the door and they have a small parking lot in the back or you can find parking within a block.

                  i will give you the Big V guarantee that you will like it- i expect a report back.

                    1. re: BigV

                      Thanks for the comments on the menu. BTW,we need to make clear here that it's the EL COYOTE at 179th Hillside we are talking about not the new place on Northern Blvd which seems quite pricey.
                      About the Guacamole-exactly! and prepared the freshest at table side like Rosa M and half the price.
                      In addition to above,the LUNCH menu is fantastic and inexpensive. Complimentary chips and salsa. Love the Mexican style chicken (6.99$) - in a very rich tomato based sauce with poblano,red peppers,jalapeno,onions,etc.
                      With sides of rice and beans -I think a little epazote or hoja santa spicing which is very special. Or as an alternative, a small salad very lightly dressed.
                      The lunch menu steak is great as well.
                      There is a little place outside at the back - not the boathouse in Central Park but pleasant.

                      1. re: micheal

                        the hillside and the jackson heights coyotes are not related, according to the woman who answered the phone at the hillside place this evening.

                        1. re: yussdov

                          so can anyone actually talk about the restaurant this thread was supposed to be discussing?

                          1. re: david sprague

                            we've been to the el coyote on northern boulevard a couple of times since it opened. it is a bit expensive (compared to most mexican restaurants), but i do agree with will4food that the space is very lovely, the service attentive, and the food is fresh, prepared and plated with care, and very, very good. right now i think they are having a promotion where you can get 2 free house margs per table with dinner, if you bring the flyer.

                            dishes we've eaten and enjoyed include: mixiotes de borrego (lamb in a red chile rub wrapped in parchment and steamed), carnitas en salsa verde, cochinita pibil, chiles rellenos, and guacamole. unfortunately i did not think that the pastel de tres leches that we tried on one occasion was up to the same standard as the rest of the meal. all main courses come with either a green salad, which is surprisingly fresh and good with a homemade citrus dressing, rice and beans, or mashed potatoes.

                            it's not like a cheap, hole-in-the-wall type of mexican place-- i get the feeling that they are trying for a more "upscale" kind of experience-- but it is good! so all you devotees of the other el coyote should give this one a chance... & let us know how the two stack up.

                            1. re: chilindrina

                              I'm glad to see another good review of the Northern Blvd place - I'm headed there tonight and I'll post my review this weekend. Just curious, what's the $ range for entrees?

                              1. re: pellegrino31

                                This is the website for the place in CT.
                                A few prices related to childrina above from takeout menu
                                COCHINITA PIBIL [$18
                                ]CARNITA DE PUERCO [$16]
                                MIXIOTE POBLANO [lamb..$22]
                                CHILES RELLENOS [$15]
                                GUACAMOLE [$10]

                                THERE'S A LUNCH MENU WITH MOST $8-10

                                1. re: pellegrino31

                                  a question about the JH El Coyote; are there many/any vegetarian options?

                                  i am omnivirous, but so many of my nearest and dearest aren't that i always ask -- i hate to recommend a place and have them really consigned to second class status.

                                  1. re: david sprague

                                    There's 2 bigg salad items [Aguacate,Tropical] that seemed loaded with vegs/fruit.
                                    Also, it seems about half the main dishes are seafood.

                                    1. re: micheal

                                      okay, so i was kind of wrong about the drink promotion. if you bring the flyer, which you can get here at their facebbok page: , you get your *third* drink free. mon-fri only. not as good as free margs, but if you are planning on having a few, well...

                                      1. re: chilindrina

                                        My fiance and I went with a friend to El Coyote on Friday night. We enjoyed the food, but I think the idea of paying higher prices in JH made things feel a little out of place. It was one of those things where the context just felt different since we associate JH with much more budget minded meals - had this restaurant been in Forest Hills (where we live) I don't think we would have had that kind of reaction to the prices. And we aren't the kind to shy away from spending $ on food - it was just a context thing (which I think some people have mentioned here on the board as well). All that said, I definitely appreciate what El Coyote is offering - a much nicer atmosphere and better service, and more of a place that feels like it's good for a night out rather than just a place that has good food but is functional.

                                        Anyways - we had the guacamole which was good and fresh, and really liked they served it with warm tortillas. Though would order red meat or pork, we had been eating a fair amount of that earlier in the week so instead we ordered the chicken al ajillo, chicken enchiladas with tomatillo sauce and a special of red snapper that was fried and served with these interesting mashed plantains. All the food was very good - especially the snapper. The black beans and rice on the side were very good. For dessert we had the coconut flan which was really good and a Mexican hot chocolate which we liked too.

                                        The service was very gracious and they are definitely aiming for a higher level of service which we really liked. I'd definitely go back to try some of the other dishes, and I'd be interested to go to the El Coyote in Jamaica to make the comparison.

                                        1. re: pellegrino31

                                          I went on Friday for lunch and it was an incredible bargain/experience. The food, atmosphere & service is incredible. The waiter offered a complimentary cream of mushroom soup that was very good. This followed with fresh chips and dip. I ordered the Enchiladas (beef & chicken) with a salad that was exceptional. The Check = $8.67. I plan on returning often for lunch.

                                          1. re: pellegrino31

                                            Maybe you should try Fiesta Mexicana on Roosevelt and ~75th. This just reopened recently. Classier than most latino restaurants in the area. More sophisticated flavors and prices are pretty good.

                                            1. re: Jeffsayyes

                                              Been wanting to try this place, but alas, there's no menu in the window and the place is always empty. Any ideas of prices, menu?

                                              1. re: Will4Food

                                                I pass by Fiesta Mexicana often during the day both at lunch and dinner and rarely see customers. This is not a good sign plus no liquor license. I do have a menu : $9.95 (enchiladas, burrito, chiles rellenos), $14.95 (grilled shell steak, skirt steak), $15.95 (Red Snapper).
                                                All shrimp dishes $12.95. Chicken dishes $10.95.

                                                1. re: Will4Food

                                                  yes, I know, it is sadly usually empty. I don't understand it. we had a meeting of the jackson heights food group here where we sampled quite a few dishes and got a good impression of the place. the owners were very nice, the food was delicate and seemed to be quality.
                                                  They do special dishes from all over Mexico. Which, to me makes me think they are trying to impress everyone, something I don't care for.
                                                  They keep trying new things. One week they were 24 hours with the corner taco stand. Now they are doing weekend buffets for 12.99. tehy are doing a pasta station soon and I think pizza.(??).

                                                  They do the tableside guac thing too.

                                                  I'd be surprised if people started to hate on it. it's a good place, but for some reason they are rarely busy!

                                                  1. re: Jeffsayyes

                                                    I've seen the buffet signs; any good?

                                                    I did buy a pan de bono from them a while ago when they first opened up that little window on the corner but it was okay. maybe during their transitional trying-new-things phase that they decided to add that.

                                                    1. re: bigjeff

                                                      my friend liked it, the review is on yelp

                                                      what attracts me is the tacos in the buffet. sounds interesting. and I was surprised to hear about the fish. I'll say this, the owners would not put out a crap product. they definitely have integrity.

                                                      Though... at $13, it's a bit much for Queens. We are very lucky to live here.

                                                      1. re: Jeffsayyes

                                                        It's a nightmare to decipher which of 3 places here you're speaking about!!!
                                                        Please specify if it's EL COYOTE [Northern or Hillside] or FIESTA MEXICANA [Roosevelt and 75th or something else. THANKS

                                                        1. re: micheal

                                                          the Jeffs have been talking about a buffet at Fiesta Mexicana; if it develops we'll move to a new thread.