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Jul 4, 2009 11:28 AM

Help me with my craving

No, I'm not pregnant, but I definitely have a craving for salmon and corn meal.
I don't know where to find regular cornmeal to make muffins with here, but polenta is easy to get. I don't know how muffins made of polenta would turn out.
Can anyone suggest a good, not-too-difficult meal that includes these two ingredients?

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  1. Small, pancake-shaped fritters using a cornmeal batter and salmon, with corn kernels and scallion. You can use hot peppers to taste, or take them in an Asian direction with soy, ginger, etc.

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    1. polenta is simply coarsely ground cornmeal - if you really want to make muffins (or cornbread), you can just grind the polenta in the food processor to get a finer texture.

      as an alternative to what greygarious suggested, i'd make salmon cakes. you can grind the polenta a little finer and use it as the binding agent instead of bread crumbs. a light coating on the outside will give you a nice crispy crust as well.

      if you want to keep it super-simple, just crust salmon fillets or steaks with the cornmeal (season them first with salt & pepper), saute to get a nice crust oon both sides, and finish in the oven.

      1. Pan-Fried Cornmeal-Encrusted Salmon

        Seared Salmon with Salsa Verde

        Salmon Croquettes

        polenta muffins

        However, I can't image a town in Texas that would carry poleta and not cornmeal. Ask on the Texas board what stores near you sell cornmeal.

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          whoops--looks like I need to update my profile!
          We're now living in Germany, not too far from Poland and the Tscheck Republic. I think the corn muffin cravings come from my years in Kentucky, In Texas most of the corn I ate was probably in tortillas.
          Thanks for the links!

        2. We use polenta for chipotle cornbread. You could also grind it finer if you have a coffee/spice grinder.