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brunch upper east side? creative american cuisine?

Hey folks I'll be spending brunch tomorrow afternoon with another couple on the upper east side. We're hoping to find a place that serves beyond the basic eggs, pancakes and french toast fair. Creative ( ideally local and/or organic ) cuisine... somewhere along the lines of cookshop? Any thoughts?

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  1. maybe Park Avenue Summer...?


    Park Avenue Cafe
    100 E 63rd St, New York, NY 10021

    1. We were terribly disappointed in Park Ave Summer back when it was Park Ave Fall. Terrific service but horribly over priced for just ho-hum food. Perhaps it was an off Sunday for them but based on the mediocrity if it all I don't recommend it.

      1. Well for designer eggs (and more) it is Sarabeth's at 92nd and Madison. No reservations and the entire party must be present to be seated. Go early to avoid the lines. My favorite is the Goldy Lox: scrambled eggs with lox and cream cheese.

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          I'll be the voice of dissent on Sarabeth's. I live a couple of blocks away and always feel sorry for the tourists 4-deep on the sidewalk outside. I guess it's in every guide book! The breakfasts/brunches I 've had there have been inferior and over-priced. And the potentially horrendous wait (from before they open) is enought to keep me away.

          I love Pascalou, a charming French bistro right across the street. Not American, but excellent brunch and lunch choices, very reasonable, with authentic Parisian ambiance and you aren't made to feel like one of a herd of cattle!

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            I used to be a fan of Pascalou but had an absolute disaster of a meal there this week (7/30). Waited 20 minutes at the table before seeing a waitress, 45 minutes to get 2 of the four drinks we ordered and finally some bread only after asking, and finally gave up after appetizers at the 75-minute mark. The waitress was unbelievably rude. The manager was apologetic and sympathetic, but we left hungry and won't be back.

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              What an awful experience! While I have never found the service exactly warm and cuddly -- but competent -- I have had many really good meals there. I can only think this is a serious aberration but, given your experience, I don't blame you for scratching it off your list!

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                Do you have any idea if the "new" Bistrot du Nord aka Le Paris is owned by the same owner?

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                  Just wondering the same thing...going to check it out! You probably know that Pascalou is a spinoff from way back of Bistro du Nord.

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                    I did not know that about Pascalou. I'll report back here as well if I find out the scoop on "Le Paris". Did you see the piece in the NYT yesterday about Carnegie Hill? Recommending Bistro du Nord!

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                    Yes, it is the same owner - Patrick Laurent. Opening day is tomorrow, Thursday, August 6.

                    1. re: crovito

                      Hopefully with a different chef. Their food was just awful.

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                        Looks like a really nice, classic bistro menu. I plan to try it soon and hope it's good...we can always use more food places in Carnegie Hill!

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                          My issue w/ Bistro du Nord, which is why I stopped going, was that sometimes I'd have a quite a good meal there, and other times it was just miserable. The prices seem gentler on the new menu as well. I'd also be interested in knowing whether there is a new chef.

                          Tonight is the "real" opening.

            2. Yura's Square Meal is pricey, but good.



              Square Meal
              30 E 92nd St, New York, NY 10128

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                I'm glad someone else recommended it, because I always do. I actually find it quite reasonable, at least for the area, and one can do byob for a $2.00 corkage fee that goes to charity. I'm adding the places link that will link (I hope) to some threads on the place.

                Square Meal
                30 E 92nd St, New York, NY 10128

                1. re: MMRuth

                  MMRuth, I'm pretty sure it was your mentions of it on Chowhound that planted the Square Meal meme in my head. :) I finally tried it a few weekends ago after taking a friend to the Metropolitan Museum and really enjoyed it -- even without sampling the baked goods, which are apparently a strong point. We spent about $25 a person, pre-tax and tip, for brunch. I think a few people ordered sides, though, which upped the total amount.

                  Legman, as MMRuth noted, Square Meal doesn't have a liquor license. So if you want a mimosa, you'll have to bring your own champagne.

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                    Actually, they do have a liquor license now, but have quite a small selection of wines - not sure about beer. Their license is limited to beer and wine though.

              2. I would recommend Orsay. Great Prix Fixe menu in the most beautiful restaurant in the UES. I love the French toast and the eggs benedict!!

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                  I would recommend B. Cafe (Belgian restaurant). I believe it's on 75th between 3rd and Lex. Also, I haven't check it out yet but Fulton looks like it has a decent brunch menu.
                  Atlantic Grill also has a decent brunch menu as well as Cafe D'Alsace

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                    It's between 2nd and 3rd on 75th. Great Belgian beers, good burger, decent mussels, never had brunch there though.